Query about dimensions

Hey guys

So im just starting out with modeling and wanted to know what dimensions i should be using for my models in comparison to hearthlings?

heres one of my models so far, im worried it either to small or to big for them lol

I am using MagicaVocel, the model is L29xW13xH14


in the files you can actually scale models, so while a model might only be 5x5x5, you could size it up to be larger than the hearthlings in-game (you can also scale down) :smile:

so with that in mind, a block (like those you build with) in-game is scaled to be 10x10x10 voxels, while a hearthling isn’t changed from the actual model itself…

i’m terribly tired right now, so i hope that all makes sense


That makes sense, i will continue to model then and scale if needed.

Now i have to work out how to add them to game :stuck_out_tongue: one thing at a time