Length, Width, And Height

Is there a certain way I have to make a model? Are there barriers to how I create my model?

I’m not sure if my dude has to be the same height as all the other models within the game. I know making a monster doesn’t really make a difference, but humans, I dunno.

Hope this makes sense! xD

I think with the human models it is probably best to stick with the Radiant style dimensions.

The main reason is so that you can use the built in animation files to animate your characters. (Animation is a huge pain)

There is another reason as well but this is purely down to my interpretation of the way building will work. I think the assets that Tom is designing will be a set dimension i.e. doors will be so high and so wide. I think if all your characters look like they have to crouch and walk sideways to get into a building it will ruin your immersion.


If you do your own stuff, that’s fine, but you battle with having to not only reinvent the wheel, but also the axle and the peg to attach the wheel to the axle, etc.

You make a lot of work for yourself.

then again, if you dont intend for your creations to mingle with civilization, go hog wild, and create creatures of any dimensions you like… keep in mind though, that you dont have to create the model in qubicle at a larger size, as the team actually models things like Cthulhu at a “normal” size, and scales him up in game…

Thank you guys for the help!

So what I understand is is that I can make my model any size I want and you guys will edit it to be as big as you want it?

from what we saw in @Tom’s video, yes… the models can be resized…