Revealers Creations

Hi, thought i give it a try too and model some weapons, but I have big Problems with the oversized Hands the characters have. The Onehanded Weapons are bigger then the Charakter already, but with a at least 9 long handle, i just cant get it look good if i make the weapons shorter.
So anyone got any tip for me, also my shading looks terrible :slight_smile: but well, first things i created.


the first thing I would recommend doing is finding a way to toggle off the grid so the colors aren’t so disrupted

yeah lol i tried that before the screenshot, the colors look just terrible without the grid :slight_smile: i have to redo the colors with grid off, maybe i can get it look better then.

Don’t worry about weapon sizing relative to the character model. The main thing is that the weapon is simple, but still “reads” as whatever it is supposed to be (essentially, keep it as small as possible while still maintaining the details). Then you can scale it down in animation/when you replace animations.
For exmple: the Cthulu model seen in the Kickstarter video is actually slightly smaller than the average Stonehearth villager (in Qubicle) it’s just been scaled up once it was exported into 3DS Max (other animation programs also work).

ahh so there is scaling thats good to hear thx. But still doesnt realy change the problem with the size of the proportion :frowning: these hands are just sooo big :), so my models are made so the handle fits into the hand and still the proportion of the rest of the sword fits to the handle, but like that the 1handed swords are more the size of 2handed

i think the pommels look just fine! you know what they say about a voxel unit with big hands? … he wears big mittens, obviously… :smile:


No tips for you in regards to sizing, but I do love the looks of them. Did you go off of a source?

yeah these are wpns from Diablo 3, or from its comming Expansion.