Correct sizes for models

I tried the last days to figure out the Modelling Guidelines of Stonehearth but i have some issues with the Objects in the Game.

I can’t figure out how many Voxel have a single Cube in the game. Also why some models go outside the Grid or don’t fill it properly.

Someone can explain me witch proportion they use to create the objects? The only thing i can immagine is that they use a Hearthling when creating new Models. Seems logic but this way often i have some troubles with the Game-Grid

There is no rule to it, that is the main thing. You can have objects that are sized the same as 1 cube in the game while having 2x2x2 voxels, or you can have another object with the same size that is made of 20x20x20 voxels.
(Trees for example, have a 1:1 ratio, each voxel in their model is one block in game)

They also don’t need to be centered on the grid, it is up to whoever is creating them to align as they wish.
(In my mod for example, starfishes have their models flow outside the 1 block they are over, and have ~20 voxels wide)

You can create your object, and then just adjust its position and size using the .json files.

I’m guessing you are creating something that hearthlings uses directly, like a chair or a bed? In that case, it is easier to simple open one similar object and edit it. Basically a reskin. Everything would be already correctly tuned.


ohh that’s make the modeling more user friendly :smiley:
now i understand why i can’t find some proportions.

Yes, i try to make some objects for the game. But a mix of decorative an interactive Models. i will try the reskin. much easier to animate them after the integration. Thx

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I think objects such as furniture are 1/10 of a block (buildings and trees have 1:1 ratio comparing to terrain blocks). That’s why iconics are 10x10 voxels and fit into 1 block.

But yeah, easiest way to start is by reskinning an existing item.

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Very useful infos. thx @Relyss!

Now i have only to try it myself ^^