How tall is my Hearthling?

Hi everyone,
i have a question about the size of Hearthlings in the game… Tried to figure it out from the Screenshots but its not so easy to say how many voxels have a Citizen in height and width. Someone can help me with this issue?

I try to generate some decorative Objects to insert them maybe in future in the game.

Depends. In world blocks, they are 3 blocks tall, ~1.3 horizontal. In little voxels (atoms) that make their body, you can open their models in any editing software and count there.

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Yes i mean the Voxels for the Editors. Im really a Noob in this so sorry for my stupid question. But where i can find the models of the Hearthlings? In witch folder?

entities/humans/male(or female)


is this path in the stonehearth smod-file?

Yes. Rename it to zip and extract the contents.

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Thx, unfortunately this doesn’t work with MagicaVoxel. But i try something else

Yes it does. Just open Magicka, and drag the .qb file into the middle working space.


qb file? i have only .json files? ok something went wrong here. i try it. thx for the reply

OK - I see the confusion now. It looks like the Hearthling model is not stored “whole” - but in pieces. You’d need to open the individual qb files and put the hearthling back together… (you need body.qb and head.qb, the rest of the pieces are not needed to determine the height).

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Ahh i see…

Now i have the correct measurements. Thx :wink: