Spoolicus' Qubicle Models

…I think I spelled Qubicle right…

Anyway, hello, and welcome to my Qubicle Models topic!
(AKA “How I Learned To Stop Gaping at The Other Models Made And Make a Few Myself.”)

So, as you can see, this is where I’ll post updates and any models I make and see if I can get constructive criticism from this lovely community!

Model Prototype 1: Applied Thaumaturgy 101

As you can see, we have a book. A very thin book, too, with some weird symbols written on the page. And next to it, there seems to be a wand of some sort. Could it mean something? It very well could.

But I get ahead of myself. What I really wanted to talk about was how this is my first model made in Qubicle. No edits, no tricks, just this. Being that as it is, it’s not very…complex. The leather…I have no idea what it’s called…shell? Let’s go with shell. The leather shell doesn’t really look like leather, and has this weird pattern going around the book. To me, the book looks a bit bland (it being a book of Thaumaturgy I’d have expected it to have some sort of gold embroidery or something.) as it is, and the only thing I can say turned out well for me would be the bookmark and the drawing of the wand.

Anyway, please tell me what you hate/dislike/like/love about this model, and what I can do to improve. My boat is sailing on duct tape and PVC pipe, folks. And it has a leak.

Farewell for now,


Wow Spoolicus! Really nice model!
The “shell” of the book, as you call it, might more properly be known as the covers of a book. And my only suggestion would be that in the middle, the spine should bulge out a bit on the bottom, maybe even give the two sides of the book a little slant, as they would be resting on that spine.


How did I manage to forget the word cover.
Brain fart on my part. I would agree with the suggestion on the spine. I’ll get working on it tomorrow after I finish my next model. Thanks for the suggestion!


welcome aboard @Spoolicus! :smile:

very nice first effort… i love the wand, and would be interested in seeing it fully realized… :+1:

my only critique, which is really more of a request, is to angle the book, such that its facing the viewer…

An impressive model!

Okay, so I’ve been working today on my models, and I like how my revision of the book and my next model prototype have turned out. So, first up, we revisit my “Applied Thaumaturgy 101” textbook, this time it comes back as Mk II.
Applied Thaumaturgy 101, Mk II

The first thing you notice is that the book has (I can’t remember what the gold thingies are called either. My goodness.) I guess “borders” (for lack of better term) on each corner. The book also has a proper spine, and the reason it isn’t bent is that the “borders” are also resting on the ground, level with the spine. There is also more text on the pages, in a purple-ish gray ink. Opposite that is the wand with three of the same symbols on the left page. I’ve taken it to mean that, in order from top to bottom, they symbols are: Wand, Thaumaturge, and Arcane. And I’ve also taken it to mean that sentences are read from top to bottom as well. This means that the fist word on that left page is “Thaumaturge,” and the rest of the sentence might be a definition (honestly I haven’t actually gotten a Rosetta Stone around) of Thaumaturgy. The wand has also had a color palette update, and with that comes my second model prototype, the Wand of Thaumaturgy.

Model Prototype 2: Wand of Thaumaturgy

I quite like this for the stylistic approach, but the sphere at the top irks me.I think it would look better with a translucent purple and the other two colors opaque, but that’s just me. For those people that might want to see the other side, here’s a turntable.

As you can see, there are two spirals.
As always, tell me what I’m doing wrong, first and foremost. Then tell me what you like and what I can do to make it better! Thanks!



@Spoolicus Nice catch on the book and staff. Not sure if you have in your mind to re-use the models you are working on in Stonehearth.

If yes, have you thought about the sizes of your creations? From what I see, the basic worker is determining the size of a Voxel in Stonehearth. What I mean with this is, that large items (e.g. a house) are scaled up, but I haven’t seen yet something scaled down (below the size of a worker). A worker is around 31 - 32 Voxels high. Taking this into account, e.g. the book is at the moment larger (higher) than someone who could hold it. For sure you could scale down the models later on… but in this case all the details you have nicely included in them, might not be visible anymore due to the distance between camera and item. You can find some models of characters in this thread and use them as a reference for the size of items you plan to include in the game.

If you do not plan to re-use them… forget what I have mentioned and I am looking forward to your next creations :wink:.


Thank you for your input!

Eventually I might use these creations in a Stonehearth Module, (If I ever learn Lua) but for now, I’;m just working on improving my skills in Qubicle. That being said, eventually I might size these down to villager size just to see how these might look at that size. I do agree that some detail will be lost, though. Speaking of detail, I assume there’s no transparency in Qubicle? That’s understandable, as it might not look great.

Anyhow, thanks again for your input, and might I say that you have some pretty cool creations as well. I look forward to seeing what you make in the future.


the improvements to the book worked quite well… nice job!

and i like how the wand is now a fully realized model… i would want to see it in relation to a unit though, to see if perhaps it needs to be lengthened a bit? or have something added to its base?

cant wait to see more!

I just checked the wand against the standard settler model available at the link voxel posted above. The so called “wand” is a voxel taller than the settler, so I might need to rethink he size as voxel stated above. Or, it could be an upgraded staff. Who knows?

I’ll work more tomorrow. I have some ideas that I want to toss around and bring to life in Qubicle. Thanks for the quick replies!

In game you can resize items all you want, so don’t worry too much so long as you’re actually happy with the model :smile:

I like the book and the wand seems great but i feel like there is something missing from the wand,maybe changing the position of the ball could help. Anywway great work,cant wait to see some more.

Thanks. You are right, transparency is not possible with Qubicle… maybe it will be in QC2. However, I could imagine that you can set transparancy while you are importing into Stonehearth.