Scale perception assistance: Hearthling model in crafting window

Hello, everyone! I was just watching the stream from earlier today, and I noticed Tom mentioned how the Two-Handed Sword looked (frustratingly) smaller than the one-handed variant in the crafting window image. This’ll likely become an even bigger problem when even larger items or pieces of furniture enter the game, so I was wondering:

Is it possible to have a Hearthling figure model, silhouette, etc., next to the object intended to be crafted for scale comprehension? With some point of reference, the image of the object can allow for much larger dimensions without confusing the player as much. This could be applied not only for items, but furniture and objects for construction.

…Also, to build on this feature–in the future, where we’ll hopefully have many more decorations to choose from, would it be possible to incorporate a search function for certain-sized objects, if you’re trying to fill a specific space in the world/colony? (perhaps done simply with Tags: Tiny, Small, Medium, etc.)


This sounds like an awesome idea! My first thought is that right now you could probably just mod it in by taking a picture of a Hearthling with the model (maybe even in Blender or 3DS Max, to get some cool custom pose?) and putting it in the game files.

My second thought was that sounds really complicated and no one should ever have to override all of the recipes like that.

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:smile: Not really. You don’t have to override all the recipes, just all the png icons from the recipes. But still it’s a lot of work, yeah.