Magma Smith to big to fit standard furniture?

Will there be more furniture for the larger characters in the game?
Or will you redo the original stuff to fit the larger sized.

I think that they might make the original furniture a bit bigger to accommodate both the smaller and larger character models, it wouldn’t make sense if you sat in game and need to destroy and rebuild a bed that is just a few voxels larger

The Magma smith doesn’t need no furniture!

But seriously it’s probably something similar to what @Pandemic said, or they could have say ‘bed’ and ‘large bed’ but I’m not sure if that makes sense …

Nonsense, you see, the problem being s Magmasmith is that is that all these chairs are too damned small! Doors, gotta go in sideways. It took 3 hours to make the cobbler understand the the shoes he had in stock were just too small! And don’t get my started on my bed. King size? More like Mice size if ye ask me.

What is this?! Furniture for ants?!


sadly I couldn’t find the pic with the quote of that :smiley: , but here is something nice too :stuck_out_tongue: ESA Publications | Oxford Academic

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I got you covered quickmeme: the funniest page on the internet

[quote=“Yourtime, post:6, topic:775, full:true”] ESA Publications | Oxford Academic

That would make an incredible vertical map for an outer plane :smiley:

ah no, you got it :smiley: I knew i saw it somewhere, but sadly I didnt found it with “what’s this? furniture for ants?”

but here: something more accurate :smiley: (Click)

I agree :smile:

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Ha that’s brilliant! Yer I just altered the caption on quickmeme …nothing fancy!