Magma smith uses

So I asked this question over 2 years ago a d no idea if it ever got answered, but can the magma Smith also be used to make furniture and maybe buildings? Obsidian castles would be pretty neat. Lava glass furniture and what not. Maybe even weapons and armor.

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Hey @wyre6330 ,

What we know about the Magma Smith so far is that the class can craft legendary gear, so think of the class more of an upgraded blacksmith, The blacksmith we have right now can only craft one furniture type which is a storage unit, not to say that’s what the only furniture a black smith can craft but it’s what we have for now. It’s likely we could see some furniture with the Magma Smith, I wouldn’t mind being able to craft a cool bronze chair.

As far as buildings go though, we haven’t really heard of a class designed to make buildings, although there was a class called an Architecture back in the kickstarter days. I think they scrapped that one though, but none the less I think we could see the Magma Smith being able to possibly supply us with obsidian at some point in the game. We could then use the obsidian to build castles, walls, homes, thrones, empires, etc.

So far the Magma Smith remains a mystery, we could see it very soon though since we did see Tom working on it in one of the dev streams… I hope I helped with some what with your question.