Player Template UI - Tabs / Folders / Flip / Replace

Add a button in the players template ui that allows you to create a new tab.
This new tab creates a folder in the template directory.
This would allow you to name your tabs / folders as you see fit, by category, theme etc.
Add ability to move existing templates into different tabs while in game.

Tabs inside of tabs?

Add button that flips the template horizontally and/or vertically.
Add ui that allows you to pick a block type and color and allows you to pick a new one of each to change all blocks of one set to another.
With this feature as long as the design is basically the same there is no need to save 10 different versions of the blueprint unless you use them all quite often. This will really save time for converting a build from one biome to another, though the design will remain the same, it will not look completely out of place as it would have otherwise.