For the devs: Day 22 savegames

Per your request, some saves of the latest release (450) of alpha 11! :smile:

I have had a lot of minor issues, however I should start using notepad to note them down more often, as well as make more saves in between. The main building (or actually… the first out of only two, even though the game registers more than one building, I only recognize two as actual buildings) has been built with the ‘ib’ command, seeing as it wouldn’t get built by the hearthlings. I’ve created a separate topic for this issue with a savegame with an ‘in-(not-)progress’ building.

Other than that… loads of hickups due to lua or pathfinder hogging resources, I had a hearthling that got an error when she tried to put down a plush pink rabbit and was stuck for a few days until she finally collapsed in exhaustion and woke up refreshed to tend to her duties. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also had an issue with ramps on the (unfinished) staircase to the east of the town not building, as well as one with the ‘free standing walls’ around the town of which only a few segments were built.

I hope this helps, devlings!

P.S. I’m not entirely sure this is in the right category. You guys ask for some later-game saves, so perhaps a category for those is in order?

I have a long save I keep meaning to send in, as well. It’s most of the way through Deepmun (about day 50(?) I think). I’ve avoided using any instant commands in order to better simulate how a game would play out. I’ve done a blend of complicated builds (some underwater) and some tricky geometry builds to work the engine a little. I allowed it to run through some major lua spikes and they eventually smoothed out once construction was finished. The town itself is designed to be a water town but the channels aren’t flooded, I just dug them out so I build the piers and drive the pathfinding through the roof lol. I just added underground tunnels and will be expanding those as I continue and start developing my mine now.

I’ll email the save file some time tonight so TR has it but I’ll be continuing to push the game as far as I can

Edit: I lied, it’s day 7 of Growmun

Sounds like a good stresstest for the devs to sink their teeth in! :grin:


The game is holding up really well so far! Very few signs of slow down or any lag. I’ve been keeping the processes pretty simple, allowing the game to focus on one major task at a time with the usual farming and gathering going on as usual. The pathfinding is using most of the processing power at this point but I doesn’t seem to slow the game down :slight_smile: