Trapper+ Mod [1.2] (Thread closed)

Hahah, yeah. Totally adding certain NPCs that will go around and draw awful 30s-40s totalitarian regime symbols and male parts around your towns while hurling insults over your defenses. :joy: I jest of course

About food points:
That’s something I wouldn’t personally tackle but would love to see, so feel free to go full steam ahead :smiley:

Now, I’m not a proficient coder but if I’d have to go for that, I’d probably think something along the lines of splitting the current nutrition/calories system into the different FEPs (for Stonehearth’s specific stats, Mind, Spirit and Body - maybe even break up into each sub-stat)… And then work out the system where upon reaching certain levels, they increase the stat and reset all the other FEP counters. But that’s just a raw idea, there’s a lot of room for tweaking. I suppose the worst thing would be how to give the neccessary feedback to the player and how to make it behave like a smooth tendency towards certain attributes according to your town’s diet rather than boring micromanagement per citizen.
Not to mention some things you’d have to consider like vegetarian hearthlings (can’t lock them out of the system), etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought i let you know there is some text going on here :slight_smile:

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I think there might be a bug with pets and the raw meat where they try to but can’t eat it. I ran into it with my raccoon who gets a bit buggy when he tries to eat it.

Save: (5.7 MB)


i think Relyss said it was a vanilla game bug in a different post


Might be related to a vanilla issue, I can confirm it happens 100% of the time with my raw meat, however.

Someone else reported it today and I tested, animals can eat jerky or cooked meat just fine but suffers with the raw meat. Might have something to do with collision, we ran into a weird/similar problem working on ACE where we had to add collision (even if non-existent, it needs the component) for grass because sheep wasn’t able to eat it before. Or something like that. I’ll investigate :slight_smile:

Ooooops! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Dani, unsure if there is a mod conflict or just my game being screwy, but I cannot make the taxidermy studio. I have bundles of wool and bolts of leather, but the item doesn’t detect any. Any thoughts?

My mod list is as follows:
Cattect: Terra cotta clay blocks
Cattact: Specific wood
Wini’s Stonhearth Templates
Riallwood - Basic Template Pack
Riallwood - Walls and Defences
Trapper+ Taxidermy
Yangz Yings
Kai Monkey’s Traits
Footman Power Strike Balance
Basic Modular Palisade
Patrol Points
Fortify v0.6
Box Command Tool
Dani’s Core Mod
Primitive Armory
Home Sweet Home
Miner Profession
Smart Crafter
Autoharvest Mod
Stonehearth Cafe
Better Storage
Armis Maximus
Settlement Decor
Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome

Any help would be appreciated!

That’s interesting :thinking:

I have no idea what could cause this, since these are pretty much vanilla resources and all.
If you could run a couple of tests it would be really good :3

If you queue it anyway, does it get crafted?
Also, does it still say 0 if you transport these to a stockpile or crate?
Are they “selectable” with the Loot tool?

So I did some tests today. Upon a complete save and reload, the game appears to register them and count them. I’m thinking it must be a different mod issue as none of the other crafters counted them among their inventory either. :frowning:

To answer your specific questions if you still need them:

  1. No it did not get crafted when I queued it up
  2. My Hearthlings just completely pretended they didn’t exist until a reload, so they never transported them to a container or stockpile. They came from a trader fyi.
  3. They were not “lootable”

Since a reload fixed the issue I am assuming this is not the fault of your mod but one of the other 30 I have :sweat_smile:


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Well, looking at your list I don’t really see any mod that could be causing this except, perhaps, Smart Crafter.

Unsure now - but if you find a way to reproduce it, try disabling Smart Crafter and see if it ever happens again :smiley:

So I am trying to figure out how to arrange my input boxes for my tailor (I’m new to this mod) and I see that there is an item called Thin Leather but I don’t see any option to put it as it’s own input item. Will it go onto a shelf if I select Bolt of Leather or Animal Skins or is there no way to have the Thin Leather put onto an input shelf?

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I think it might be recognized as leather (bolt of leather) but I don’t remember if I set up the tags like that. If not, that is indeed something I could take a look into, adding specific filters for input boxes!

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Alright I’ll try that! Thank you for looking into it. With all the new items it’d be easier to be able to give crafters quick access.

Hey Dani! I think I found another issue with this mod, unless im not understanding something correctly. I’m trying to make the plushie toy dragon (its just so darn cute!) but im never able to get the “scaly skins” resource. Does it exist? I have veranus skin available.

Yeah, scaley leather is leather made with Varanus or Zilla skins, you have to clean them (as scaly skins/rawhides) and tan them normally :slight_smile:

Sorry Dani! My trapper was tanning all of the skins because I set him to maintain some Clean Scaly Skin. So they were all disappearing :frowning: . Your mod is good as always!


1545589058312.rar (3.3 MB)

In this save, for whatever reason the jerkys will no longer “cook” in the smokehouse. I haven’t had this problem on any save before. Could someone help figure out why?

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Is this compatible with the changes to the trapper via ACE?

Edit: it is! Huzzah

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hey guys, just wondering how long it takes for pelt to dry and tan, I have tons of pelt drying but it takes forever to dry and the few that was dried and cleaned has been tanning for a long time
all the things have just been sitting there for over a month in game time by now and i can’t get any leather bolts like this
could really use some help here


Common mistake I made, is to make the actual pelts into leather bolts, you need rawhide, to do that, it’s in the Trapper craft menu. It isn’t exactly “Hey look at me this is what you need” though. I think it’s about the second or third row from the top, the one with the scaly leather item.

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hi Michael,
From what i understand, we need thin leather to make into bolts, to get that we need clean pelt (i think that’s what you’re talking about, there’s no raw hide anywhere)
For clean pelt u need to dry the fresh pelts first then have the trapper make it, my problem is that the fresh pelts aren’t turning into normal fur pelt/ raw hide for it to become clean ones and the random ones that did dry aren’t getting tanned :confused:
Basically both the dry rack and the tanning tub isn’t working or just taking way too long