OpenSource Models

I have multiple models I’m working on. They are offered as OpenSource, all I ask for is recognition for my work. I’ll add to my work as progress continues through this thread. Post any questions you’d like.

Storm Guard Armor and Helm

Arcane Tempest Armor and Tricorn

Precursor Knight Armor and Helm

Precursor Shield

Precursor Mace


By opensource, I think you are meaning free to use, correct?

Have you considered releasing your work with a Creative Commons license?

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@BrunoSupremo @MaddyGrand @Wiese2007 here you go guys. ill update Links and pics here

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Plugging @GreatColtini


Thanks, I will credit you in the main post when I use this. Can I also edit it? (colors for example)


Is it nearly done yet ? hahahaa can’t wait dude !

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Those are really nice! Love it!