My models are not so great so I ask for constructive criticism

Hey I’m new to everything and right now I’m only worried about models I would love it if you guys gave me your tips and expertise :grinning:

Here is my first ever model:

Any tips?

I know i used a already in game item but it is what i thought it should look like


lower larger detail, take a look at the helmets in game. See how they do the detaillings.

i don’t understand I’m sorry can you explain?

You see how you have the dibits in the helmet side and top? try having less of them and maybe have a variety of colours in the dibits.

Oh ok now i understand, let me see what i can do.

Ive not good at making headdresses so I might wanna throw some ideas around with you :smiley: sound good?

Yeah it sounds more than good actually.

How about?

the top light ones look out of place but the bottom center looks good.


And the back

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looks nice, maybe a shield shape on the back? also Im working on this

But I dont think I took the right approach…

Can I get a back pic?
Top seems to go all the way around on the pic but on yours it doesn’t

Edit you should flatten and widen it at the bottom

This is a hard shape :confused:

Yeah but that’s what makes it better :slight_smile:

Very true, I just wish I was a better scripter so I could put these items in game.

I’m not that great yet but if get great I’d love to help if I can

Any help is welcome xD Ive been trying but I did something wrong.

I’ll be learning scripts for a little bit but I’m sleepy now so I’ll look in to it later :sleeping: