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Hey everyone,

Just thought that I’d start up a thread for my projects, as I haven’t seen anyone doing similar things (at least not to what I’m currently working on).

I’m only just starting out using Qubicle, and my skill level is noob, if you have some positive feedback (if you dislike, please tell me what I can do to improve) or guidance, feel free to leave it below :smiley:

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

The character template is the work of @Chaze007. DOWNLOAD HERE

well give us a hint now… :wink: what sorts of models or concepts do you have in mind?

Here is an Attack Skillcape from RuneScape.
I personally find a character more appealing if they have a cape, not sure why, but I’d rather have one, than not.


This is pretty cool. I first thought it was a tabard, but then read through your post. Any chance of you plopping this on a character model to see what it looks like altogether? I also must admit the sword looks a little like a fish to me. Might be better served removing the yellow around the metal.

Here it is on the template, and with no circle.

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Awesome! The sword looks a lot better (in my opinion, anyway). I so want to see a little stonehearthian running around with this flapping in the wind behind him.

Not sure if you are a RuneScape player (or were), but I am currently working on the Nex armours, as well as Bandos and Armadyl. I am also thinking of potentially doing the Chaotic weapon set.

Is there any suggestions or requests? :slight_smile:

Here is one for the Avatar fans.


nice work! i love how you pulled off the “tunic” he’s wearing…

and while the eyes are probably more true to the actual character, i just cant look at SH models with anything other than what @Tom finally landed at… :smile: