Finally Out!Weapon Model Pack! V 0.5

Yep The model Pack For (WEAPONS) is out!
This Take a While to make =/

But That is not all the models i want to make more 5 models

This Models are if You are a modder and look a cool weapon to your mod Or you can use to change the textures of stonehearth,You can use for whatever you Want.
Leave Credits If You Want.
And You Can Rename Then!


wooden_upgraded_sword.qb (7.3 KB) wooden_upgraded_sword_equipped.qb (7.3 KB)

pirate_sword.qb (2.2 KB) pirate_sword_equipped.qb (2.2 KB)

iron_pike.qb (8.7 KB) iron_pike_equipped.qb (8.7 KB)
(Credits)---->8BitCrab he really help me a lot

stone_maul_equipped.qb (29.0 KB) stone_maul.qb (29.0 KB)

polearm.qb (6.4 KB) polearm_equipped.qb (6.4 KB)

shadow_sword.qb (2.8 KB) shadow_sword_equipped.qb (2.8 KB)

short_sword.qb (4.5 KB) short_sword_equipped.qb (4.5 KB)

two_handed_sword.qb (3.7 KB) two_handed_sword_equipped.qb (2.8 KB)

reckless_axe.qb (2.2 KB) reckless_axe_equipped.qb (6.5 KB)

divine_dagger.qb (2.8 KB) divine_dagger_equipped.qb (2.8 KB)

This Model is in Backhand its a Dagger


##If Any Weapon Isn’t in Hearthling Hand##
#So,Please The Models That not are in Hearthling hand Contact Me!

And a ScreenShot
This Go to Backhand Weapons too!
Less The dagger!!!


Another 5 Sword Models

To do in 1.0
Another 5 Swords Models
Fix Backhand Weapons (If have)

To do in 1.5
New items for Stonehearth (Secret)
Armour :smiley:

To do in 2.0
Mods of the Sword


naw mate… i barely provided one weapon…

xD do you want a little bit like ‘‘he made only this axe’’? ;=;

you didnt even have to mention me at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Humble crab :slight_smile: hey guys can you also share with us some in game screenshots with weapons?

Thaaank you!

Hey the newest Version of te Model pack is Model and Mod Pack V2.0! (discontinued)