[Alpha23+] BreweryMod

The flora is unbalanced, I end up with way too many mushrooms and blueberries and strawberries and virtually zero silkweed and brightbell. It makes the early game nigh unplayable. Any chance of making that more balanced?

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seconding what @WebDev_Godzilla is saying, deinstalled the mod sheerly for this.

hmmm i can only look into it if i can drop the spawnrate - because its an mixinto - so that it doesnt change the existing infos ^^

sounds like a good plan. problem is in the normal game its like 2-3 things that can spawn, and your mod adds i think more then that. during a normal spawn you would want half the stuff you find at least to be the old/normal stuff. so you might need to test out what rates would cause something like that to happen.

when this mod was created there was much plan land ^^ so it was really ok - but yes the landscape has changed very much - i will try it now with single spawns at first ^^

so i have uploaded it the workshop with changed behavior and on my tests it looked fine - could you check it?


@Wiese2007 Will do!, ill let you know!

its considerably better, but still slightly heavy on the mushrooms and other mod items vs original spawned stuff like Brightbell and wild flax-stuff (you know, what the weaver uses)

I think you don’t need sugar anymore in your mod as the game has it by default now. You should update your recipes to use the stonehearth sugar.

Also, you really need to fix your plants generation, it is really messing a lot of biomes.

  • First, remove completely the “noise_map_parameters”. That controls the frequency and amount of plants the map should have. That means that because you set your own value, you are overriding the biomes values. A biome that wants to have very little vegetation will now be flooded with plants because the values you set were too high, and a biome that want to be really dense will now have not enough as your values can be too low for that.
    It also affects other things, for example, less dense plant vegetation means more areas to spawn boulders… So a dense biome that now is not dense because of this mod will sudenly have a lot of boulders in it, while one that would not be as dense as you set it to be would now be lacking boulders.

  • That out of the way, it is time to reorganize the weights of the plants. For example, in the temperate, in the plains, the highest chance a plant has to spawn is the silkweed, with a weight of 1.5. Meanwhile in your mod, you added plants to the plains with weights like 3. This means that the game will basically only generate your plants. I recommend you using values like 0.1 for rare plants and 1 for common.

  • You also set your plants into multiple elevations, like in mountains 1,2 and 3. The problem here is that a biome can set plants only for one elevation, and when the game needs to generate plants in a elevation that is not set in the json, it simple copies from the elevation below it. For example, a biome only set plants at mountain 1, this means that when the game needs to create plants at the second elevation, it will copy those from the first. Now, when your mod adds plants to other elevations, the game suddenly sees that and decides that it now has plants for that level, and does not need to copy from levels below, this means that those elevations will only have your plants.
    You should set plants only in the elevations that are already present in that biome json to avoid this problem.

But the problem is that different biomes set plants for different elevations. This is the biggest problem in this mod, it sets a single generation for all biomes. Each biome has different ratios, densities, and elevations that it wants to use. Sometimes there are some tricks like in the archipelago where the plains are sand beaches, and you don’t want a mushroom in the sand, right?
So, this is the most important point, each biome needs its own generation. For example, as mentioned, in Archipelago there should be no plants in the plains, while the foothills are dense, and only the first level of mountain is dense with each step being less dense. In temperate, you would want to dense plains with almost nothing in the upper mountains. You can’t achieve this with the same setting for all biomes, they are too different.

That all said, I understand that it would be a hard work, if you need, I can give you the needed changes to the generation.



thanks for the pointing - i try to fix it - but im honest i dont have a plan ^^

sugar i have removed and the noise_map_parameters

No problem, I will then send you the files later

Ok, here it is. mixins.zip (2.3 KB)
There is a file for temperate, another for desert, then archipelago and last canyon. Add them accordingly in your manifest mixinto.
The values I used are in a way to make the plants appear here and there, without completely overcoming the biome base plants. Feel free to tweak those if you need.
You can use the temperate file for other biomes that are similar to it, but remember, a value of “5” in one biome can be huge (like in temperate) while in the other can be super low (like in the desert). You need to tweak each biome individually for best results.


Sorry if this has been mentioned before but is the apple tree in this mod functional atm? i have had one growing for ages now and havent been able to harvest it (dont know if you want suggestions but they are quite large >.>)

last week tested and they have worked (but havent found time to test since last update from friday) - but the appletree has the same size as the normal tree ^^ and needs also a little space to grow.


That doesnt look normal size to me XD

hmmm just checked and the large one have the same size in qubicle and there is no sizechanges in the jsonfiles … so they must have changed something other ^^

edit: nope its all fine ^^ on you pic are only small and a middle oak trees and an large appletree here is the compare

but when i was on the task i had add appeal to them ^^

did you end up getting apples off them? i didnt end up getting any after ages XD

there are two ways to get something normal harvest their you get wood and apples and if you select the tree you have an icon for harvest which destroys the tree and you get more wood an a apple basket - soo yes it works properly and its the only tree in any mod that have a renewable ressource node and a single ressource node ^^ was a hard piece to strangle for me ^^

Not sure if they’re similar or may help with the issue but the Archipelago Biome has “Palm trees and Papaya trees: can be harvest for coconuts and papaya fruits, and then chopped for wood.”

hmm ill try starting a new save then cos even when i cut the trees down i didnt get any apples, is the final stage when they are big and there are some red and green apples or do all of them turn red?

the large version is when they have red and green apples ^^