[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) Discontinued

This mod is now discontinued

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Looks very good @Froggy! I will see if I can come up with something interesting to add to it.

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The prodigal son has returned, and he brings food!!!

Seems like a good idea, can’t wait to see it in-game!, As for ideas, I can’t think of any but if I think of something, I will be sure to tell you.


oooooooh i cant wait looks great :smiley:



Perhaps we can use the berries for cake and smoothies ^^ and perhaps we can plant berriebushes :wink:


Absolutely love it! I can only imagine the awesomeness you can pack in there.

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Thai looks really good and you must add some use for yaks


I think it should come with a goblin grunt to sweep the floor


Being able to slaughter said chickens and eat their meat? :wink:


to which I have let you down… apologies!

all I can say for now folks, is that what I did have a chance to sample/test was very polished… you would be hard pressed to distinguish between the cook and any other Radiant created class… :+1:

can’t wait to see more of this! :smile:


This looks amazing. Can’t wait for the public release


Support!! Love ~ very much :smile:

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I did a lot of animal model but I can’t make animation.

critters.qmo (54.2 KB) (ps:After download,Change qmo to rar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

Want to give you some inspiration :blush:


Really, really, like the butterflies. :star2:

I’ll take a look at the rest after I’ve had a nap. :smiley:

I have no idea where the time went. Turns out I’m getting to old for late night modding sessions.

If anyone would like to beta test then send me a pm. I’m going for a very polished product and I want it to be error free at launch.


i really want to see this mod with my own eyes and hands

if you haven’t launched by the weekend, i’ll give it a more robust play through this evening… :+1:

looks awesome!

and you seem to be really talented with coding and modeling! (no place for me to squeeze in!)

i would love to test the Beta, but My SH is running quite weird lately…(i have no idea why)

Although, if you happen to need a Model or Animation, Let me know! (you seem good, but still…)

i’ll be more then happy to help you make some awesome mods

Keep it up!


i think you use the new unstable release :wink: or perhaps deinstall (and delete all files from the steam/steamapps/common ordner) and reinstall it ^^

Yeah i am using the latest
i’ll have to try re-instaling it later


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Can’t wait to see it finished :smiley:

:disappointed_relieved: I’d like to see this chicken in game: