[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) Discontinued

Just going through the final touch ups.

Things I have been working on include the cooks levelling progression.

Why innovate, when you can replicate?!


What about a special resources type for the cooked foods? (or do we already have that?)

And some drinks and a drinking animation?
Hearthlings do seem to want some drinks when you play the game

and im guessing you’re gonna make separate workshops when it gets possible

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I’ll be adding the well when I get time (it will operate as a renewable resource node) and it will provide clean water for recipes such as berry juice.


Ooh, will there be Animations for drinking?

I’m waiting for @Tom to release the 3dsMax exporting tools before I add custom animations.

I had to animate the wind_sail by hand and I promised myself never again. 4925 lines of .json nearly broke me.

I could learn to use Blender, but in the words of Roger Murtaugh - “I’m getting too old for this s…”


I could help you out on that

I use the blender add-on that lets me to export animation files using blender

I don’t have qubicle, but if you can export a .obj file using that and send it to me
i can animate a drinking loop for you

i can sue StoneVox to make a .obj
but it still needs a little bit of testing
(but that will be done soon so if that’s okay you could let that happen)


Blender is not hard to start :smile:

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just a little info: WOOOOHOOOO! :smiley:

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Good luck Froggy. Windmill is looking nice.

Looking cute! My favorite is the sheep :sheep:

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Turns out the final bug hunting took a while longer than expected. Making sure items correctly stockpiled was a bit of a battle, none the less:

Version One is now out. Link in the title post.

This is a fully featured, but basic implementation of cooking.

Many more things to follow.

Look forward to your feedback. Please post any bugs you find - I think me and @Wiese2007 got them all though.


Nice! Love it! Unfortunately, I almost never make a weaver, so I didn’t try out the sails - maybe in my next game!

What do the pies actually do? Are they more valuable? More filling? I really like the addition of new crops, especially the long-awaited wheat.

I do have two suggestions though:

  1. Low-level chef recipes. Something like ‘Boiled Turnips’ or ‘Cabbage and Onions’ to allow them to level up without having to wait for wheat to grow. My chef was standing around doing nothing for however long the wheat took (15 mins?!) Corn grits takes equally as long, because of the long growing time for corn.
  2. Can it be set to make flour from any starchy ingredients? I’m thinking wheat, corn, rice, etc. all producing flour when milled. I’m not sure how easy this is to implement, but I took a peek at your flour_recipe.json and my uneducated guess is that it’s doable if these were given a common tag, e.g. ‘starchy

Hope to see the next version, can’t wait to see what new chef recipes are in stock for us.

Excellent work! :smile:


Thanks for the feedback, this is very valuable.

The pies offer more satisfaction than the base ingredients. This allows you to get a high food satisfaction to help improve your village ‘score’.

They will also be worth more money than the base ingredients. Much like the Gold - Minting coin premise.

I agree that more lower tier recipes are needed, and I’m happy to take any suggestions. Grits was a late addition to the mod, I wanted there to be a clear progression from a basic (read low capability) cook to a Master Chef.

Starchy flour should be very easy to implement as would new crops.

Growth times, and monetary and satisfaction values will all need balancing. Let me know if you think a crop takes too long. Unfortunately the game doesn’t currently preference higher satisfaction food over lower satisfaction food. Hopefully this will change soon.


I love the pig and the birds, @weisi910101 :smile:

Downloading this mod RIGHT NOW


WOW!!!Good,but…I can’t download, there are other download link? For example Google Drive…


I have to say your mod is really nice, had no problems or bugs at all
and i think the cook is a real nice asset to have some more diversitie in the diet of my heartlings :wink:


i think froggy is at programming momentary

so here is a link google drive

just open it and upside you find download ^^

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‘Well’, the drought is over.

Version 1.1 implements the Well. This was a fun little project - learning how to make everything work properly was interesting.

The well is crafted by the Mason class.

Also included is a new low level recipe for Berry Juice.

Here it is in action:


COOL!!! thats great :smiley:


wow im slow this morning, took me about 10 minutes to get that pun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: