Interesting World Seeds

a verry nice seeed :smiley:


Hee, Redstarr

I was looking for a map where I could build a castle on a large flat space and where I had acces to mountains for mining.
Well this is the perfect map for that, if you look on the right-side between the lake and the mountains.
Thanks for posting this, you made my day.

Joas Weeda

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Glad you like it thats why i shared the seed :smiley:

1146654975 in A16 unstable (dev-2924)

I liked that large mountain lake, but the large lake between two mountains is a nice place to settle, too.


I wonder, has anyone found a seed or two with basically a nice sized island with a mountain on said island? If so i would love to have that seed because its what I’ve been looking for for hours :smile:

I don’t know that mountains naturally spawn on islands in the Temperate biome. If they do, that would be interesting, but I just haven’t seen it.

That said, if you’re looking for mountains on islands, you might want to check out the Archipelago biome mod: Archipelago Biome mod 🏝️ (now with automatic fishing and bug fixs).


Here’s one I found recently:

1080554244 - an isolated mountain with a lake in the center. Also there’s plenty of berry bushes nearby and several bunny statues surrounding it. I’m sure someone can come up with a fantastic idea for this.


swimming pool :slight_smile: lovely place


Here is a pic of how it looks like. The surrounding areas are interest too for me :slight_smile:

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Here is a nice canyon for you to built a new town.
You can move some plants from nearby plain.

Seed: 611702258


Seed: 251205224

A map with a canyon with a little lake inside. Easy to defend and with space enough to build a city. Wood and animals are enough for start. Full of mining resources.
I like the posibility to expand to the south east valley.


One image more for this Canyon:


Hey People

If your interested in a good island seed i may have found one!!

I’m thinking the left hand side one could be a really nice bit castle which leads into the one to the right which is the town surrounded by walls…

this could be good!!


hey there @Tom_Kennard, i just merged your topic over to this thread, where we share all our awesome and interesting world seeds :smile:


That is an interesting seed indeed! I will use this in my next game for sure! :smiley:

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Cheers i realised that it should have gone in here after i posted :stuck_out_tongue:

good job your on the ball :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought it was a cool map to let go unseen. I call it the Rabbit Lake Map


Looks like a great place to build a castle in the middle of, amirite? :stuck_out_tongue:

we have a topic for interesting maps/seeds. paging @8BitCrab to add it to Interesting World Seeds topic

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