Awesome seed found with lake and moutains!

This seed is amazing and perfect for me, as i often like to build In an area surrounded by mountains and build a large city wall with a gate, and this seed is amazing and also has a large lake in the center!

seed: 1993227682

(Alpha 20 unstable version)

can you post a picture of it?

i think there are some better seeds xD

for example this one: Interesting World Seeds


That is a cool looking seed, but the one i found is a lot smaller and better for the cosy kind of towns i like to make :slight_smile:

This is the town i am currently building :slight_smile: If you want to see the map before you have started the game, just load up a new save and type in 1993227682 for the seed :slight_smile:

It is black. The Picture.

There is a thread for those seeds


Sorry about the picture, don’t know what went wrong :stuck_out_tongue: My game actually crashed earlier when trying to save (ironically) and my previous save was like 11 minutes before :frowning: