My New City :) Hope You Guys Like It :)

Tell Me Waht You Guys Are Thinking :smiley:


Wooow, that’s pretty impressive :astonished:

Would you mind sharing your world seed? These mountains are very interesting to work with.


This is actually a really cool idea. and gave me an awesome concept idea thing (LOL).

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Can’t give you that particular seed, but this seems to be the Anorien biome mod (you’ll recognize it with the white and tall mountains). Try downloading it, there are often great locations in the seeds of this biome.

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seem like the worlds seed on the anorien mod doesnt work i treyd other ppl seeds and dint work :frowning:

World seed anorien biome 656069125

you can try it it might work

Thanks so much for the pictures. They made my morning :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Glad you like my style :smiley: love to share my work

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Thank you, I will try that, when I got that mod ^^

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More updates will come :slight_smile:

a lil update :slight_smile:


Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Nice, that BIO should be a default in the game.

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Tryed to make a Hotel :smiley:


Man your an AMAZING! designer!!!
These builds are epic man!!!

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Glad you like it :slight_smile: but i miss my mods on the games :frowning:

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lol i miss the game. i lost it when my steam account got hacked

You can recover it is you have some of your serials keys for your games that how i recored mine when it got hacked

oh nah i lost it all so i just deleted it