Interesting World Seeds


I’m surprised no one has created this thread yet (I searched).

Please post interesting world seeds!
A picture and/or description would also be cool…

Haven’t found any strange ones yet but will post if I do.

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Good idea, I will start looking for whatever seems interesting to me too.


Here are some seed in which I found good spot (yellow square).
However I notice that seeds are a bit buggy : sometimes crashes (when it’s different to 9 numbers) and often long loading, don’t hesitate to relaunch the game when the loading of the seed is too long.

3 Lakes near a sort of hole in the middle, nice mountain nearby, some berries
I'm actually playing on this spot, it worth a try !




3 lakes that can be easily linked with a big island


I think the most interesting feature of that one is actually the hole in the eastern mountains. You can build a great settlement in that hole, and have unlimited ores all around you. No real need for walls, either. I know for a fact a 3x4 block on the embark screen is big enough for me to comfortably build a 24 hearthling settlement and since it’s forested there will be plenty of resources. Only thing missing is water, but it can be brought in through a tunnel from that lake to the northeast.


Yep I agree with you on the benefits of this kind of settlement. But I personally don’t like to be “locked in” moutains :smile:
They are quite common but I have to admit this one is pretty cool !


though i also like this one, im more for the “peninsula” of land that stretches into the mountains, i always make my settlements in that kind of spot, as it allows for lots of ores, yet its still a nice forested spot.


I used to make my first settlements in small valley like in the third seed I posted for the reasons you explained but also because it’s very easy to defend with one wall at the end of the valley (until goblin camp which can appears in mountains)


but even then it can be easy to defend, if you remove ladders leading up t them.


ahahah, yep it was my first reaction to that !
Now I’m more “water” (like you can see on the screen :slight_smile: )which is also an awesome defense. But beware with that, I accidentally drained 1 level of a lake in a big hole leading to an unstoppable error/lagging of the game, done with this camp .


huge lake area in this one



This the first seed that greeted me upon starting a new game. I haven’t looked into any of the spots yet, but I’m settling in no. 4 for sure. Seed is 588594053.

First of all, spot no. 1 is a nice and secluded, heavily forested area with easy access to minerals, and quite a lot of them. It would probably be a very easily walled-off and protected place for a settlement, although there is no water for the bonus crop harvest.

Spot no. 2, depending on where you settle, will give you good access to water and plains for farming and trapping/herding, good access to minerals, or a somewhat restricted access to both, plus a lot of trees.

Spot no. 3 can be settled right up against the mountain, perfect for gathering lots of wood and minerals, and it is also very close to water for farming. However, building space is somewhat cramped if you decide to build right between the mountains and the lake.

Spot no. 4 allows water for farming, lots of trees, enough space for a large settlement (if you settle to the right of the lake) and definitely lots and lots of minerals.

Enjoy! Tell me how the other three spots are. Either way, I’m going to keep this seed tucked away in reserve for the far future - if seed/world generation doesn’t change, because I feel like this would be the perfect map for multiplayer, with one city at each location.


the world gen part will most definitely change in the future, im unsure about seed gen though.


On the northern tip of the curvy lake there are more then enough berry bushes for All!


Upon inspection of spot no. 4, there are a TON of berry bushes. Just look at the picture!

Also, @8BitCrab - will a change in world generation cause seeds from earlier versions to give different results? I’m not sure if you know but if you do that’d be great :smiley: because I definitely want to re-use this seed.


now im not 100% certain, but a change to world gen most likely will change compatibility of seeds. say, eventually they are going to be adding more types of ruins and dungeons, so this world doesnt have any of those in it, and the seed wouldnt work.

take MineCraft for example, when an update comes, old seeds are changed. so every update (from 1.7 to 1.8 for example) you need to get the new seed for your old worlds. otherwise you would end up with a totally different wolrd, that just happens to have that seed.

make sense?


Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. :confused: Perhaps Stonehearth will be different and just add these new features into the same map when world gen changes? Haha probably not but I can only hope. :smiley:

Settlement Size in World Map

here’s a kinda cool one,

the spot circled in red is not bad, tough it doesn’t have that many berries, but that doesn’t matter.



This one is good for some mountain carving, the central peak is 6 levels high, quite large an pretty central.


While I’m here,


Area near cursor has a hole perfect for building a natural amphitheater or arena, as well as a bit of water.


Lots of lakes and nothing but valleys