Settlement Size in World Map

So i’m sure this has been answered somewhere but I just wanted to ask cause I couldn’t find it. I’m sure @SteveAdamo knows where the thread is and can merge this question into it…but yeah…anyone know!

I began to wonder this looking over some of the Terrain Generation threads and specifically this one made me wonder…how much world map is actually shown when you go into settlement mode?

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If you are running the unstable branch I don’t think you will be able to get it. The latest update on unstable has the new/forthcoming terrain generator and the map you link to is the old style. If are running the stable it will soon be outdated and the seed will be unusable.

Doesn’t really answer my questions. Maybe it’s confusing. What i’m trying to ask is when you select a square in the world map and are at the point where you are settling…how many squares of the world map are in that view?

I guess I could load a stable version of the game and look myself… I never really connected the two…I thought the world map was more of a high level view and setup the region stats and when you clicked a square a terrain with the required stats is generated.

hmm, do i recall this came up before… but unfortunately can’t recall a good thread title/means to locate the discussion…

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Do you know what the answer is?

no sir… which only makes it that much more frustrating… :smile:

I recall it being discussed, but not whether we ever got an official reply…

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Yeah and I think it was discussed during a live stream as well… suddenly gets the idea to check the biome dev blog entry

The following is a rough approximation, using the new generator.

I tried a corner point after taking a screenshot, started a map and then looked for reference points. The eastern mountain lake and the point of a southern depression. The orange centre reference point on the map you can see, I would not take as 100% where I selected.


Thanks @GyroDragon that’s better than nothing. I would have done the same but

  1. I’m at work
  2. My SH is no worky :frowning:
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Sorry for derailing the thread @Nolic0321, but that’s one angry world you found there @GyroDragon!


While on this topic, I was part of a topic a long time ago [Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday Job Changes and Shops and @SteveAdamo mentioned… [quote=“SteveAdamo, post:25, topic:8013”]
the terrain will eventually have no real edge…
Now I see issues with pathfinding and the game stuttering with a limited boundary. Is it still Radiants plan for no map edge?

And there is me thinking it was a rabbit.

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I’m guessing that the no map edge won’t mean everything is ticking away. Like Minecraft chunks that aren’t loaded aren’t in active memory. This would help with stuttering and pathfinding. I’m also assuming Hearthlings wouldn’t try to travel beyond the visual bounds or there would be something to tie them together… shrugs idk…it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

Maybe that’s more of a multiplayer idea…but anywho that’s discussion for a different thread. If we need to make a new one i can.

Brought this up ages ago, but it kind of vanished in the gynormous to-do pile. Help it get more attention!!!

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not sure of the current thinking, but I know at least initially, @Albert and co. were talking about large scale/minecraft size maps…


Thank you for answering. If not expansive borders maybe larger maps then. Well I bought the game for the city building element, exploration would just be a bonus.