And what about the map?

Hi everyone, I’ve been keeping an eye(and playing) this game for a while now, but I stopped cause I find no purpose with this tiny ridiculous map, seriously it seems like all I do is meaningless, I can create an outpost, a town, a city that is half the size of the map and then what? It’s just useless this way, knowing that the edge of my world is about 10 metres away from my walls…what do you think?
I know this game is still in development ecc…and I see the developers are working hard, updating ofetn but I really wish to know if (but I really hope is a “WHEN”) they will change the map system cause right now I’m not playing this game

Thanks to everyone who will reply to this

Do you have any screenshots of your cities? We would love to see one that is half the size of the map.
We don’t see a problem with the actual map size cause we pretty much can’t fill it yet. So seen one claiming that filled it is awesome, please show us.


It reminds me an ancien Desktop Tuesday:

Hope you will like it, it gives you ideas!

So…Bruno, you’re telling me they’re not gonna change that? the world map will remain this size?
Cause you see, the problem is also that when you choose your spawn point there is a bigger map, but you can only play in a land that is 1/4 of that map…
Maybe I didn’t understand the meaning of this game…I thought that it could be similar to minecraft but better, a lot better…with npc and mobs and trade and workers and buildings…but with THAT piece of map this is not possibile(for me of course).
I don’t have a save game with the whole map filled, and thank god, cause if I had then that would be really bad…I said that I COULD have…what I mean is that a normal size for a town for 20 or even more hearthlings can grow to half the size of the map or more. If the purpose of Hearthstone is only to let you fill a tiny space with building then I’m sorry I will delete this game immediatly and never show myself here again.
But if this is not what the developers are aiming for, then they will have to change the map, cause right is not enough and makes this good game just boring and useless
Really, that will be a waste of a good game


I’m under the impression that you actually have the wrong idea of map sizes… A city for 20 hearthlings as you claim you could had can fit easily in a 100x100 area, that is a very small city and very, very far from filling the map. And I’m just considering houses with 20x20 in area (which would be a big house) and 20 of those houses would fill less than that 100x100…

When people makes threats of leaving, I know that I’m already wasting my time… Nothing we say or do will make the person change its mind because in the end the person is already decided and not on the edge as claiming to be.

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This is my save I left long ago cause I realized it was useless to keep building

I couldn’t zoom out more but this should be enough…here you can see my walls and the edge of the map, just to have an idea of what I was talking about
By the way this was not finished(not even started I should say) and yet you can see I have no space to explore, no space where a big city of mobs could be, not a city of npc for quest and trade, no space to build another damn city of mine, or an outpost or something like that to create my kingdom…

But before you reply to me Bruno…now I understand, what you wrote made me understand that for you(developers) the map is ok this way and I was wrong thinking about a whole other game, that is, not what Stonehearth will be…I spent my money and I was happy but I can see this game is not going where I wish…
Oh and…about the “threat”, I want you to know that I quit playing this game maybe a year ago or more for this reason, but I NEVER DISINSTALLED IT AND I ALWAYS KEPT AN A EYE ON THE UPDATES…hoping that something could have changed…and until the game won’t come out I will still be here…hoping

Bye Bruno and thank you for your time

Well, you didn’t even tried making your city, you gave up on the first silly obstacle. You already started near the edge, no wonder you reached it… When you told your city was reaching close to the edge I imagined that the very center of it would be in the center of the map.

To put it in perspective:
Last year, we tried a little game where we shared a single file between multiple people. Basically I build a starting village, and send the save to another person that also created another village, then he sended it to a third person, and still in that same map, build another city, and so on…
In the end the map have multiple villages, with different sizes, in different areas. Yet, we have so much more space to work. The only reason for us stop playing that was not for a lack of space like you complain, but for lack of performance. Old versions were horrible, I was playing with very few fps.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a developer on this game, just a player. But it can be implied that we will eventually get bigger maps. I (my view on it) think there is better things to worry besides just increasing the map which we can’t even fill yet, mostly by performance reasons, not much for a lack of space.

I will try making a mod to increase the map size. Having a “small” map should not be a reason to not play the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @rexos :merry:

From what i read, it seem that the edge itself of the map might be the problem? Is that what you mean with the size? If so, the developers are working on not only one, but many solutions to fix that problem :merry:
If you go to the twitch channel, you can find all the old streams, or maybe some of the oldest are on the youtube channel?
Ill link both for you here:

There seem to be alot of thinking about multiplayer in the future and i can imagine that bigger maps would be a part of all those thoughts, so maybe your hope is not all an illusion.
My advice is that you try and start out small, play the game from the bottom up (good rule in life as well). Then when you hit the edge, you will have countless of hours of good fun on that map and might be ready to start a new town, with new ideas.
The game is in Alpha at the moment and the developers need all the help and feedback from us players they can get! So try out the limitations of the map, make that city where the roads and towers tumble out over the edge and challenge the limits! That would be something that would get the developers attention and gratetude, not threatening to delete the game and stomping ones feet on a thick carpet.

It seem like you are really invested emotional in this game and i can say that so are many of us. I hope to read many post from you about your feedback in the future!

May the wind be at your back :merry:


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Yeah, at this stage in the game, bugs and performance issues eventually get way ahead of whatever new stuff you’re able to make in it as you keep playing. Maybe after a few more updates we’ll have to try to do that again, though.

Well(enlighs accent)…

I just want to make things clear so…
FOR ME, these limits are small, but maybe not for you, when I build in EVERY building game I first create a “project” with all the proportions and measures and while playing I realised I was building a Rome-like city for a little Swamp space…btw, Bruno take a better look at those screenshots, I sent those 2 to show you the east and the west of the map, my “city” is pretty centered, really…My “final idea” was a square of about 500x500 in a map of 1000x1000…maybe you don’t see nothing strange in it but I do
About the “threats”, again…I’m not threating anyone of nothing…it was just me being a little “disappointed” about these facts, come on we are at alpha 22/23…this IS NOT A PROBLEM TO FIX guys…I hope(I’m getting tired of this word) they will change the maps, BUT at this point I though the maps were something already done at 100%, but who knows…

Now, there is another problem, and this is a real problem, we could say,…besides the fact that I have no space, my “village” has 30 villagers…and the FPS are low…REALLY…REALLY LOW…now that is a “PROBLEM TO FIX”, and I repeat…FOR NOW I’m not playing this game, no offense, no threats…I also looked for bigger maps mod Bruno, but it didn’t end up well…I’ll keep waiting like I already did…and maybe I’ll come back in a year or so…tha game should be close to its release now…right?

Once again…thank you for your time, if you have anything to say or other informations about this, I’ll be happy to read you


That’s ok.
As mentioned, the biggest challenge in making a huge city is the performance. I’m also at 30 hearthlings (31) and I can only play a few minutes before the fps starts bothering me.
Hopefully, if the current trend continue, the next versions will keep having better performance than the last.

Let’s hope like in a damn church, I want this game to become something

Here the promised mod:
giant_map.smod (4.4 KB)
It has twice the radius, so a total area 4 times bigger than default.
I had tried recording a video of me scrolling from one edge to another to show how big it was, but my potato notebook couldn’t handle it. The game itself was already very lag, plus recording…
So, at least for me, I still need better performance to play :sweat:


@BrunoSupremo, have I said yet today how awesome you are?

@rexos, our original concept of the game included a lot of exploration. However, we discovered back in 2013 that pathfinding for hearthlings is very CPU intensive in a destructible world. Also, in order to encourage exploration, we would need to fill the world with stuff. The heart of our game is community-building, so we decided to focus on small groups of people building a town together, allowing the game and players to focus on small areas.

Early this year, Chris wrote brand new tech, called the topology service, that allows for hearthings to pre-calculate the pathfinder in a much more intelligent fashion. In theory this means that if we did want to revisit exploration from a gameplay standpoint, we can. Richard is experimenting with this, but in the end, we’ll focus the game on what we think makes the best long-term player experience. This may mean a hyper-focus on a small number of people building in a small space, or exploration, or some combination of both. Either way, we expect the scope of the game to be relatively intimate, rather than Rome-sized.


Although I agree with this approach, please try your best to not make it difficult to have a different play style, focusing on big cities if the player desires.


Well, I’m just one among the thousands of gamers who bought this game, I know you can change the whole thing just for me, that’s obvious, and since you are the developers, I’m fine just knowing that at least I got an answer from one of you, and Bruno I’ll try your mod, thank you :wink:

Update: your damn mod works…was it really this simple…once again grazie bruno


Hi Bruno is it possible to edit radius in your mod to be bigger than vanilla but smaller than yours?

Yes, you need to open this file:

There, you will find this:
return 4

The vanilla value is 2, so just change it to 3. (I didn’t tested if you can use fractions, maybe you can set values like 2.5 or 3.1)


Oh ok thanks Bruno :wink:

Well, i wanted to add to this! since I do feel the map somewhat limits me in size as well…and probably even more in game play…Not that it’s any surprise to me. Not anymore at least! But I hoped for something different when I bought the game. And I guess my desire to play the game has gone with that realization…I can build the most amazing city! but it will never be alive…And I can’t help to think that intimacy is a bit dangerous game to play Since Rimworld is quite the beast on that area…that being said performance wise it does not feel like it will be an option regardless

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