Is the map big enough?

Im already a huge fan of the game :smile:
i just checkt most of the videos an screenshots and just wantet to ask about the map size…

you can see in the videos a smal house is build…or a huge city…but nothing more…

and if the game is like i am imagine it you need a huge map with all those races and giants and ofc other players.

and i gues the resources like metal or food aren groß all on one tree :smiley:

so…do we have maps wich are great enough to let steam off …if you know what i mean^^

i hope its not to early to ask such questions^^

Taken from the [url]Q & A thread [/url], which is your friend :smile:

Basically the worlds should be bigger than you will ever explore, so, I think you’ll have plenty of room to let off steam!

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The maps in the video’s are just for demo. The best guess indicator of the world size would be the world map that the kickstarter video shows. Seeing as you are supposed to be able to have multiple people to connect to your game for co-op and such the maps would have to be large enough to support multiple cities, run the players, and still have room for enemies camps, and other NPC towns.

My guess is maps will huge on the scale of CIV maps (i could be wrong though)

welcome aboard @Noiza! it’s never too early to ask questions… :smiley:

you wellcomed me now the second time :smiley: but thanks i planed to ask a few more questions…

like i have already lots of feedback and ideas to improve the game^^

i never saw a game like this and i hope it will be fun…im looking forworth it…i have a good feeling :smiley:

thats because you’re the 1,000,000th member!i’m the official greeter!… im senile… :cry:


but i was happy like i was the first time^^
you know…im not familar with friendly community…
you go to the forums and ask a simple question and you recieved a flame you never saw…

i waitet for a game like this really long^^ i hope it will be good


A flame? Why do you receive a flame for such a simple question? tries to hide a torch I mean, we could have pointed you to the hundreds of topics so you could try your luck finding that special answer instead of holding a torch to your clothes.

I mean… the torch-stuff would be fun and would keep the community sane and small and easy to manage… and had I mentioned the fun? Or the fun in burning people who might have great ideas… which could add to the game?

I’ve got the kerosene!!! Oh…Erm…We’re not doing this? Well…This is awkward. On a related note @Noiza from what I’ve found most of the community is fairly supportive and I’ve yet to see someone be pummeled by negativity. Typically if an answer is out there @SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 are one of the first to point you to a thread or quote a video. There is a thread that Geoffers made regarding a ton of livestream questions and answers and the search function is there to use. That being said if you don’t find an answer there’s no reason you should feel timid about asking.

the Q&A is a one-stop shop of goodness… :smiley:

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indeet the Q&A is very usefull…

but really tricky to find…first i head to go to the wiki and there is the Q&A…

i read the kickstarter page and most of the startpage of but thinkin about the wiki thread wont come into my mind…
and with flame im familar with some like “dump ass use the search function” or “here comes the 1 million post who aske the same”

im ok with links, videos or quotes at last its something usefull^^

but i think in generel i ask to much…the game is not even in the beta i think i just what until dez and i played a few hours^^

two things… 1st, remember you can “favorite” a thread, and it will be easily accessible from the top of the forums… :smiley:

2nd, @Geoffers747 and i have a mini project underway (well, his project, i’m just doing the heavy lifting) that might alleviate some of this concern as well… we’ll see!


Aye @Noiza it’s true. It is tucked away a little bit, remember you can switch to the categories view, and it’s pinned at the top of Support. Not that that helps :tongue:

Also I’ve edited the title so it’s hopefully caught by the search function a bit more…

To Rap this all up, All I have to say is Its just like Minecraft Generation Basically.

you cant imagine what my reaction was as a mate cames up to me and sad “dude…i think i have a game wich is between minecraft,the settlers and stronghold”

favorite…i have to take half of the forum on favorite :smile:

You can also bookmark posts if you like :smile: click the little ribbon on the top right of a post and it’ll bookmark it!