Interesting World Seeds (2)

I think this topic deverves a new thread. The old thread has over 200 replies and there are alot seeds from the old version of the world generator. This makes it hard to find the first post where people started posting seeds from the newest map generator. If you don’t agree, feel free to delete this post. But I would like to use some new seeds and easily find them. :slight_smile:

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I don’t have time to put one together, but someone might put together a site with a database gallery base on map seeds.

With the following tags

Version (map generator)
Biome Type
Category: (defined by the key terrain) such as Island, peninsula, flat land, defensible.
Popularity: Based on the number of likes

edit: This should make it easier to find ones that you want play

People could also set tags for the specific details of a map.

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I have created a short of website with some interesting seeds for Stonehearth. If you want to check it click on this link. :wink:

SH World Seeds

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Very nicely done. I have added the site as a favorite.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have some interesting seeds so i can add them to the page if you want :wink:

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Just wanted to add a few seeds here, all Forest biome in Alpha 18, in case anyone would care. These are inherently defensible so they’re more for Normal/Hard worlds.

813039962 and 2114328170 both provide good double-bottlenecked areas, large enough to work in but small enough to quickly occupy. They are extremely defensible. The first one has no water, the second one does. For ~15-20 Hearthlings they’re good sizes for a rural community feel plus a larger defensive building.

145748102 has two good-looking defensible areas. Large enough that they’d be difficult to occupy in less than a couple days. Good-sized lake in one area.

43153366 would be a great defensible area for someone who wants to play a large and long game. There’s a good lake on the left side of the map, and a mouth that can be moated easily in the first day. I would guess that there’s enough room for a proper city setup but I’m bad at this game and can’t live that long =)

1869775861 is a very large area with a nice lake. Much harder to get set up in, like the previous seed, but an awful lot of room to grow.

Anyway, just a few nice seeds I saw while randoming through to start a new game. I do hope that we get more options with water as I’ve seen mentioned in other threads. Maybe a nice Fisher job class for people with poor motivation to do proper work :wink:

Silly question but how do you select a particular world seed?

At the map screen you should be able to click on the map seed number and enter a value of your choosing.