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I have released a new website with some interesting World Seeds for Stonehearth. It’s in construction phase but maybe someone want to share his Seeds with the other Players. Feedback is always desired :slight_smile:

Stonehearthseeds Website


This seems generally like a good idea, especially with tags to help exactly the map types, you’re looking for. Though searching and filtering could still use some refinement. The regular search bar doesn’t seem to be very helpful, for example, as I don’t really see the need to try and check a seed online, since I could just throw the number in the game to see, what it looks like.

The tags, on the other hand, are great! Though it would be even better if you could combine several searches. Just looking for “lake” brings up almost all listed seeds, but currently I don’t see the possibility to specifically look for “lake” + “mountain” + “desert biome” together. Also is there an option to suggest new tags for existing seeds somehow? Personally, I usually look for a connected mountain range, or better even connected, but individual mountains (kind of like “landbridge”, but between mountains, not lakes), though currently there is no way to filter for that. Others might want to look into other things, so while tags are great at first, they should be easily extendable.



Yeah, the search bar for now is really useless :frowning: i have to try to optimize it. But its not so easy with the tools :smiley:

p.s. if you have some interesting seeds you can tag them to this post or send a mail in the contact page. i will add them :wink:

That’s so cool! I tried once something exactly like this, but for minecraft. I still have all the files, but those never went online.
And it is very nice of you to also include modded biomes! :slight_smile:


Than you! :slight_smile:

For sure! We have already so nice mods for this game. And many player use them… So why not include them in the collection :grin:

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I Updated the search bar of the Website. Now you can search Maps using Keywords.

Unfortunately its not possible for users to add TAG’s on the single maps. But i will update them frequently :wink:

Update 2.0
I added Rating for every single post. So user can fin the most liked Posts on the site easily.

@pingu it may be useful to remove the “share this” section from the website entirely. Chances are nobody will post it to Facebook or anything, so removing that divider will do a lot to reduce clutter.

You are right! Is very useless in this context. I removed this option from the posts. Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

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New Layout, new contents.

After a long time, unfortunately, i started again to improve the Seeds Webpage.

Stonehearth Seeds

Write me in private if someone will share his awesome Seed with the world! :wink: