StoneHearth Seed With 3/3/3 Resources

I’m looking for a world seed that has 3 Trees & Plants, 3 Wildlife, and 3 Minerals. All the seeds I’ve looked at so far can have a top of 3 T&P, 2 W, and 3 M or 3 T&P, 3 W, and 2 M. I’m not looking for anything crazy like 4 for all, that would be a little crazy. I just want a good balanced for all the resources.

I’m unsure why you would need a single map tile with 3/3/3 because you get your resources from the parts of the map that are rich in that resource, it would be boring if you could find all the resources anywhere.

The relative representation is just an estimation of that particular square of that single section. The surrounding tiles will all have their own distributions. There is not 3/3/3 tile, and it really makes no difference across the map as a whole.

TL;DR that’s one tile not the map

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I know its not the entire map but it is the area of the map that you start in. you chose the section of the map that you start in and within that square of the map you have selected throughout the maps there isn’t a single spot that has 3/3/3? that is slightly disappointing. for any long lasting games your going to start running out of resources and that is the reason I want a 3/3/3 square part of a map.

looking at the map, the entire highlighted/bright area on the map is the generated world,

within that highlighted area i can get a 3/3/2 and 3/2/3 tile right beside each other, and each tile on the map is roughly a 30x30 area in the actual world. so i personally dont see there being an issue with having no 3/3/3 map tiles…

Yeah, the tiles are individuals in score, I believe there’s only a small area around the center of selection that are selected and rated by the score

If you put your mouse next to a mountain, it’ll have high mineral score, high vegetation if you have trees around it, and so on, just moving and ratherig resources within a generated world will give you all the resources that you need

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