World seed calculation algorithm

I want to share with you the algorithm for calculating the seed of the world for a particular point from the full map of the forest biome.

The algorithm you will find on the video. I myself speak Russian, but for the users of the forum I made English subtitles. Video -> Stonehearth. World seed calculation. Гайд по рассчету семени мира. [eng subs]
Maybe I did not draw up a theme very nicely, or I created it in the wrong section. If the moderators find it necessary - transfer it to the correct place.
If the topic is interesting, then a topic was previously created with a list of interesting and suitable places on the map -> Full map of forest biome . Thank you for attention. :blush:


English subtitles are fairly understandable? I’m worried about this. :smirk:

I understood them quite fine. Even without subtitles, the video makes some sense of what you are describing :slight_smile:

@YetiChow, @Qwert26, @SachielMF. Guys, I propose to discuss the result of your ideas in my video. Russian community discusses the fact that the edges of my map can be partially docked