[Youtube] Full map of forest biome

Based on data from @YetiChow and @Qwert26 and @SachielMF i created a full map of forest biome. You can see it at video. Rus voice, but english subtitles. I believe you can understand the whole idea of this video. Waiting for your feedback. Do not forget to include subtitles! =) Stonehearth. Full forest map review


Well, it looks like you took the small animations that we made to whole new level.:merry:

This will be a very useful resource for builders!

Hi there, nice work. Looks really useful.

I took 20+ screenshots and compiled in Photoshop. It was a difficult job, as it was necessary to calculate the seed for each screenshot :scream:

Very cool @EregionChannel! looks like quite the job to lay down that puzzle? How do us players then make use of your work, locating the different seeds?

Thanks, it was like a puzzle. In my understanding, the seed of the world is a kind of coordinate of the upper left point of the big map, on which we choose the place for the landing. Knowing the point that we want to have in the left upper corner - you can calculate the seed of the world previously. To do this, you must apply a special grid to my map, sign the coordinates, and write the algorithm in a user-friendly form. I will record a video with an explanation in the next few days.


I promised to write a guide for calculating the seed of the world. I deal it ->World seed calculation algorithm


Thank you so much, this will be very helpfull in the future :slight_smile:

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Thx :blush: . As soon as there is enough time - I will make a map of the desert biome