Tutorial Video, How to get Things started (the first few minutes of StoneHearth)

Hi there,
I have made a short (14 minutes) video of how to start a game and how to not get totally lost at the beginning.

I know that there might be some mistakes in it and thta the end feels a little bit rushed.
But it should help new players to get into the basics … hopefully.

And here is the video, I hope it helps you/someone at least :smiley:

And do not mind the littl rabbit …


Thanks to you the rabbit is not a beginner anymore!
He should be able to start a prosperous city like you did :grin:

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I see a new class next to the cook.(6:26) is this a mod??

I think it is, I have never seen I before xD
So maybe I’m as much of a beginner as that rabbit but I think it’s a mod :+1:

yes that is from a mod, and if i’m not mistaken it is the gardener class from the settlement decor mod,


It is as BitCrab said :slight_smile: