Stonehearth tutorial idea

So I have an idea for an intro tutorial down the development road.

The idea is the player would start out with a small town with a couple of empty plots, hungry villagers and some scattered materials. The game would then proceed to introduce the player to the game, the town and it’s villagers. It would start by teaching the player how to make a stockpile. Once complete it would teach about speeding up time to watch the villagers gather faster.

Next up would be crafting. It will introduce the player to assigning villagers jobs. First would be the carpenter which could either lead to building beds because night is approaching or doors and windows to finish a house. This would lead to the player running out of resources so next up would be gathering. So great! We have gathering, placing stockpiles, and giving out jobs with time speed and all that… so next is food, which would rely on the player to use the carpenter to make a hoe and then give another villager the farmer job.

I think at this point there are a few paths we could go down. One would be introducing combat by showing a nearby goblin camp. Nothing too crazy just telling the player to make a swordsman “just to be safe.” Or, the other path could be building a house. Either way both need to be introduced at some point. Then it should give them the option to either keep playing in the tutorial town or move to a new land… If the player choses to move, the giant Cthulhu monster should pay a visit, destroy the town and force the player to “move.”

I feel this tutorial would cover the basics of showing how to build, organize and craft. Of course this would only cover the basics. It wouldn’t cover villager stats or custom building design so any ideas would be great. Again this is just an idea for a starter tutorial.

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There are some tutorials already in place for Stonehearth, The tutorial shows you how to collect wood, And introduces you to the awesome stockpile, I don’t know if they add plans to add more to the tutorial but some of its pretty obvious without a tutorial.

I don’t think it’d be possible to show a goblin camp either due to peaceful mode or the fact that goblins show up depended on town net worth. (unless you add a tutorial world but again seems way to over complicated and I feel Stonehearth is more about playing your way and not being led and told how to play, At least that’s my opinion)

Anyway, I have no idea what they’ll do with the tutorial if anything in the future!


@AitanLiran this idea is a good one. I can see you have thought all the details out very carefully, good work! I am rather confident the team will add this further down the line, however i’m afraid it is likely to be later rather then sooner. The game is in alpha still so the most important priority for the team to work on is more features and more stability, this suggestion is a great thing for when the game is ready to be fully released.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi AitanLiran,

I’m thinking of building a tutorial mod. Since you’ve thought out some of the steps already it’d be great for me to just cover these ideas you’ve laid out. And we can collaborate as it comes together on other things to add or tweaks to the flow. What do you think?


That would be awesome. You can add me on Steam as Aitan Liran.

Of course, I would never expect this to be added in anytime soon. There are so many things the devs could focus on before something as cosmetic as this. It was only me throwing my line out and seeing if anyone would bite is all. I can sit here and fish until the sun sets lol. Thank you though =]