Suggested "Getting Started" fixes

Once again, this is about the main site, and not, but I think this might be an appropriate category (next most appropriate is “Development”, which really doesn’t fit). I moved this to General Discussion, where it seems to fit. Perhaps we need a “Website” category, though.

Anyways, when I was reading the “Getting Started” guide, I found some things that bug me. Here they are, listed in no particular order.

I would argue that point. You honestly can make do with only wood, at least for a good, long time. Perhaps change the second sentence to "You’ll want both …"
2) [quote]Gather trees, plants, and stones from the surface of the land. Use this both to clear the land and make space for buildings, and to gather raw materials.[/quote] Grammar error. Fix: "… to clear the land to make space for buildings, and …"
3) [quote]Every hearthling can change jobs at any time, but can only work in one job role at a time.[/quote]I’d add another TIP: "TIP: While every hearthling can change jobs as often as you want, it become much harder for them to progress as they get more jobs."
4) [quote]Since the first challenge your folks will face is hunger. No food, no town.[/quote] Grammar error. Fix: "The first challenge …"
5) [quote]To get going, promote a Worker, then designate a zone: either a farm or a trapping ground, depending on which way you’ve decided to go.[/quote] It is quite confusing when you say “to get going”, then don’t follow it up with anything. I’d add another sentence after this one: "Once your farmer or trapper has a zone, they will automatically work to farm the ground or trap animals, continually producing food."
6) [quote]Just remember to tell your Carpenter to craft all the required building parts: a door, windows, and beds.[/quote] "… a door, windows, beds, and wooden wall-mounted lanterns.
7) [quote]As your town grows, you’ll start to attract some unwanted attention. Here are a couple of tips on defending against invaders:[/quote] "attract some unwanted attention (unless you’re playing in peaceful mode). Here are …"
8) [quote]In a pinch, rally your workers to fight by clicking Fight & Defend -> Town Defense Mode.[/quote] This could use a screenshot, like most of the other commands do.

Sorry if I seem nit-picky, but I want that page to be something that can really help new players, and I think those changes can help to that end.