A few things that will make building much easier and fun!

So first of all thanks for reading this is just a few things I think will be helpful when designing / building in Stonehearth :

  1. Being able to make holes in walls and free standing walls to either make a hole to an escape/storage/mining tunnel.
  2. Better view when designing between floors , to make the hitbox a bit better when trying to build slabs inside.
  3. Stair system , being able to instant build stairs from one floor to another.
  4. bridge , A system that will allow creating a bridge to connect 2 different templates into one giant building with bridge in the middle to connect . with a later possibility for those bridges that split in half and raise to close/open an entrance (using ropes and such).

Example :

  1. Building a raise able wall to make a nice safe entrance to a castle
  2. A way to make holes in the building after your hearthlings finished building it so you can do the following :
    -Build a door you forgot in the first place or didn’t know you will need.
    -Making a hole to a tunnel that you didn’t create the first place.
    -Making a new window.
    -(this one will use bridges if you decide to make this :D) making a hole to make a bridge between 2 new buildings that you didn’t think of connecting.

That is basically it for now let me know what you think and if you liked it , Thanks for reading.

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