[MOD]Chinese Translation (Simplified) V1.1 r935 🀄【简体中文】

Hi, everybody. I really like this game because it is so interesting. It fascinates me.
大家好,这里是 Stonehearth 石炉 的简体中文 MOD

Mod Versions: V24.5
**Game Versions:**V1.1 r935
Workshop: → Steam Workshop :: 简体中文
Steam Guides:steam

Dropbox Download:
Latest files : V1.1 r935 【Update:2018.12.14
– with fonts :微软雅黑 & 思源简体 【Microsoft YaHei & SourceHanSansCN】


  1. Put Chinese translation.smod files in the stonehearth\mods
  2. in game “settings” ----->“System” -----> “language” ------->“简体中文”



Translation progress:

Done ---------- Get√

MOD Translation

And also…

I am very grateful to @Wiese2007 's help, and @Tom 's team making games. and @voxel_pirate @yshan ect.


Nice job on the translation! Really like the redone alpha 10 artwork you did!

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thank !. :smile: Yes, she was very “handsome”! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You would have to override the base_human.json (in mixins) I think. Specifically:

  "stonehearth:job" : {
     "starting_level_title" : "Apprentice __job_name__ ",
     "default_level_title" : "Level __level_number__ __job_name__", 
     "default_level_announcement" : "__name__ has achieved __job_name__ Level __level_number__!",

WOW!!! Very fast! thank. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Names nad Surenames + towns and prefix: stonehearth\server\population\data

Thank you. But I do not need to translate these. because too much … (keep English is no problem, he was just a name) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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owned by,

and similar (wall, roof…)

owned by = components/workshop/workshop_component.luac (owned by)
floor etc. = ui/game/modes/build_mode/build_designer2/draw_*.js

have fun

-> time is not changable because its hardcoded

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thank you very much!!!very nice stonehearth’s discussion!

what i ask is some tiny change in sequence of telling a single date,for in China, we tend to use year/month/day,while you guys are used to d/m/y

i know what you mean the issue this is hardcoded so there is at the moment not a way to change the language - nor a way to change the positions ^^

ok i think i have found what you need ^^ in the calendar_service.luac is a line “day %d of %s, %d”,self._sv.date.day+1,self._constants.month_names[self._sv.date.month+1],self._sv.date.year"

i think you must change this info into this - but please check for the correct placement of the word day and of (this is with the first part of the code)


its looks now “day 1000 of Deepmun, 1” = “day %d of %s, %d”

("%d日 %s, %d",self._sv.date.day+1,self._constants.month_names[self._sv.date.month+1],self._sv.date.year)

in game:
1 日 month year

but not Change order!!!

like tell the first part is only the info^^

you must change this order: “self.sv.date.year,self.constants.month_names[self._sv.date.month+1],self._sv.date.day+1”

with this you change it to year, month, day

when you compare my first post you see the year was at the end and now its at the start


 function CalendarService:format_date()return string.format(self.sv.date.year,self.constants.month_names[self._sv.date.month+1],self._sv.date.day+1)end

Not !

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its sometimes really difficult with you :stuck_out_tongue: now you have removed your own translation xD

("%d日 %s, %d",self.sv.date.year,self.constants.month_names[self._sv.date.month+1],self._sv.date.day+1)

function CalendarService:format_date()return string.format("%d日 %s, %d",self.sv.date.year,self.constants.month_names[self._sv.date.month+1],self._sv.date.day+1)end

The game is still not running

Sooooooooo i have done it now for you - Dropbox - Error

thank you very much .I well has test!!!

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