Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


Continuing the discussion from the “Joint translation efforts”-thread and the overview started by bastiweb, I would like to split the “how” do we translate discussion from the “who” wants to help overview.

Once we come closer to the Beta, this overview might help people to gather and join forces.

So if you feel like you can and want contribute to translate Stonehearth into another language than English, please join the club by simply posting your name in this thread.

And… don’t wait for someone to start, just do it :tm:.

Here the overview of volunteers (in alphabetical order):



- CHINESE (Simplified)

- CHINESE (Traditional)






:construction: Work In Progress :construction:




:construction: Work In Progress :construction:

















:construction: Work in Progress :construction:


If you do not want to be mentioned (anymore) on this list, please be so kind and drop a message to one of the moderators or myself.

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How to support joint translation efforts?
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How to support joint translation efforts?
How to support joint translation efforts?
How to support joint translation efforts?
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I could help out with french and german.
My german grammar is a bit rusty but my french’s alright.
I guess since there are so many for german already, I’ll just end up proofreading it.

I can’t write grammatically correct portuguese (imo) but if a beta/proofreader is needed I can do that (always helps having another person read your work through even if just for finding glitches)


@nekochan Thanks for volunteering :wink:. If your German and Portuguese is a bit rusty, what if I add you to the team volunteering for a potential French translation?


Yeah french is great.

As I said german grammar is rusty and eventhough I talk portuguese almost daily I never really learned how to write it :sweat_smile: , I would be better of as a backup proofreader there just in case :smile_cat:. (i like that cat smile, use it everywhere where I can)


@voxel_pirate, you can add me to the German team :wink:


tossing my hat into the ring for Pig Latin… should there be a need, im your guy… :smile:

excellent thread though @voxel_pirate:+1:


Not sure if “Pig Latin Nation” is yet recognized as a country by the United Nations :wink:.

The old thread was a mix of people who wanted to volunteer and a discussion about how to do it (what was the initial intention of the thread). As the list was also not updated for a month or so… feel invited to update it, as @Geoffers747 is.


i can translate the game to Arabic if there is a need


@amegaara I hope the “flag” I have included is fine to represent Arabic :wink:.

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so what will happen now? will i get files to translate or something?


It’s for when the game is out, there isn’t anything to work with right now, it’s just an early way to gauge who would be interested in any translation efforts.


And somehow I miss 2 important names on the list… @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo.
Telling us you 2 not feel fluent enough in any other language than English does not count :-p


… well, Steve volunteered for “Pig Latin”, just did not find the official flag to represent the Pig Latin Country yet. All I did find was this one here. :disappointed:


I’m willing to do the English translation.

I can read minimal French, I doubt it’d help …

But I mean I can help those translating try and understand certain words or phrases? Is that sufficient help?


Like… Support :slight_smile:
See? was not that hard… and I guess we can build a flag out of the picture… somehow… someone who can stand the picture long enough to do the work.


sure, i can help with this effort… i’ll be standing in the wings, cheering on those doing the actual work!

and if and when PigLandia is recognized internationally, i’m your man!


Soyay evernay? isthay ouldway aketay oreverfay.


I could do Swedish if you want to.


I take it you’re from Sweden then? I’ve always wondered, being a Swede do you actually look like the vegetable?


It’s questions like that that swiftly earn you a place in the quiet corner.

Stop bringing shame to the Empire!