How to support joint translation efforts?

For sure there will be some people interested in supporting the localization of Stonehearth into different languages, not only our Spanish friends.

What I would love to see is some kind of a joint approach from the community. Instead of ending up with various half-completed translations, it would be great to have only one, where everybody who is interested is contributing.

Not sure how something like this could be facilitated… apart from having Radiant to lead each translation and e.g. appoint a team of people who are working on an “officially supported” localization, which will be distributed with the game.


@voxel_pirate Im confused are you talking about everyone using one language or the stonehearth community making up our own language?

I am talking about the localization of the game. E.g. if you take a look into this thread on Steam, you will see that there are already 15 languages named which people would love to see Stonehearth to be translated into. As the community is already quite active, I would expect that there will be more than one person per language who would start to translate the game into the respective native language, once Stonehearth reaches Beta. As localization might be quite some work… it would be nice if the community (people working on one language) will team-up, instead of working on “their own version of a localization”.

Hope that makes sense…


Awww I was looking forward to Stonehearth having its own language


Well, you can volunteer to create one :smile:. But I am more thinking about how it could be facilitated that people join forces vs. working on their own… to create the best possible loclization.

Well Poop…

You’re not having a good night are you @newf.

I put this category up just to have it there for the future, obviously it’s going to get a lot more use come the release of the beta. But I’m agreed there needs to be some organisation regarding it all otherwise as you said, we’ll just end up with half completed bits and bobs, plus I imagine it’d be a lot of work to do individually!

i “liked” this post, in an effort to make you feel better… did it work?

agreed… which is precisely what this category will help us organize! :+1:

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I was insane enough to offer my help with that (German in my case) already over at Kickstarter while contemplating about joining Discourse ^^ Still not wanting to pull that offer back :slight_smile:

I hope we can release the German translation in the first days of the Beta already and I would also want to contribute to that :wink: … just hope for a joint effort and that we can streamline it somehow.


I can try to help with the Dutch translations :smiley:


It all would depend on what is available, ease to use at that point and so on.
It could be very easy or quite hard, until now it does not look like a lot of text would be within the game. If that is the case, translating would be rather easy but we will have to see how it develops and more important how some things will work.

I can help with the English translation :smiley:

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My mod will support english and german. :wink:

Rome mod

If anything, I think German will be the easiest translation, mainly because of the massive population of German fans I’ve seen here and on Steam. Unfortunately, I cannot help with any translations, because I only speak English (and I can kinda read Chinese. 2 years of High School Chinese, but that’s about it) I’d iffer to help with the English portion of things, but I’m pretty sure that’s not needed…

I could imagine that there might be some people who would be more than happy to have a native English speaker who is willing to cross-check wording, spelling, etc. in a mod (written by someone who is not fluent in English).


Yep, soon will be time for team up some peoples for languages! :smiley:

I can help with the Spanish translation. Don’t get overexcited, @DaRKKoNNaN, I agree with other posts - there’s still a long time before the beta, and maybe there won’t be much text to translate.

Thx! ^^ well, i wanna translate mods too (more importantas mods only, gonna be impossible to translate all the mods xDD)

But i know, now we only can wait, and start to knows each others. That is really what i want before the beta.

Yeah I guess it would be great to play that game in the language you speak. For me I’d love to play it in german but also english seems no problem to me, since then discussing in ther forum is much easier because everyone knows which item is ment (like in Dota2). But if help for translating the game into german is needed I am your man.