German Translation SEARCHING TEAM

Hello community :slight_smile:

I decided to make a German Translation for the game. I hope i have enough time to translate all versions of the game, starting with the Alpha 1, which is releasing around the 30th December.
For that, I need the help of some of you ;).

If you want to follow me to found a translation team, PM me please.

And before someone is asking: No, its absolutely voluntary. You will get no money from the project. I hope the imagenation of giving a translation to a huge community is enough to motivate you ^^

But, why did I wrote this post in english?
Because i want that everybody in the community can read it and understand what i want to say :grin:
And of course to test the future supporter of my thing :smiley:

Well thank you for wanting to do this!

Have you seen this thread?

You should post on there that you’re wanting to contribute to the German translation, we already have quite a lot of people offering, and I’m not sure if @voxel_pirate has anything formal in mind for translating yet - perhaps it’d be best to declare your interest over in the above thread, wait until we have our hands on the alpha 1 and go from there?

Alright ! Thanks for that realy fast answer :smiley:

No worries, I’ll close this one down for now if that’s okay?

I’ll let @voxel_pirate decide if he wants to start something more formal closer to the time or if we should re-open this one.

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