Alpha 12 Translations System

Hi everyone!
The new translation system we spoke about in Desktop Tuesday: Localization Improvements – Stonehearth is now available on steam unstable.

A lot of things have changed. For all translators, there is a new sample mod to help you get started:

The README on the mod should cover how to do translations in the new system.

We really appreciate all the work you all are doing in translating the game. I would like to make transitioning to the new system as easy as possible. If anyone has any questions on the new system or run into any difficulties, please let me know!

Thank you!



Just for Info: If you have Issues that it not show the translation after changing: Then capitalize the last part of the filename :wink:

for example: on the languagecode webpage it shows de-de but it must be de-DE :wink:


Hello, Yang. :smile:

A good idea for translations:

To start, I need an email of each contributor. I am ready to give “admin” to team ASAP.
Worst case scenario: we have 30 days to translate as much as we can in as many languages as we can.
Best case: we gather 55$ and we’re keeping the project alive.

Site supports json.

Also, sorry for doing that if it was wrong idea :frowning:

Does it only support files whose filenames use the codes listed on the languagecode webpage? I wanted to attempt a language not listed there, but when I select it in the settings, it doesn’t show any text in any of the UI.

yes and no ^^ for example en-DEV is not in the list but works? ^^

Alright, good point, but can I still do Esperanto with, say, eo-EO, or Toki Pona with tp-TP?

And if the problem is not the listing and the filename used, then why is it not showing the text in game?

Ummm… and what do you think about collab translation, @Wiese2007?

Looking on the progress the PL team did with that (40% done) and the possibility for each (even uncommon like Quenya or Klingon) language translation… :smile:

im have already finished the translation ^^ im just replace all lines at the moment :wink:

but klingon sounds nice ^^

Well… Look, @Wiese2007:

It’s a possibility to gather all translators (and all translations) in one place. Way easier both for us and for the Team. And much more (for example, keeping the progress of languages)

my prob i can only german and english and in the only active volunteer :wink:

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That’s not a problem. Wiese :smile:

The main reason is “to gather all translations in one place”. An easy way to translate/edit the file is just an additional feature :smile:

Only thing I need to add a person there is an email address and languages. For some languages (Turkish? I see people but no progress…) it may be quite a significant boost. :stuck_out_tongue:

So if I want to contribute, I need to send you a message, @phoriist? With my email address or something?

Im this case: e-mail address and languages to contribute.