Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)

Not work for me :frowning:

i dont know i wrong any ? follow tkhs video “New video to demonstrate version 0.3!” it work fine in game but when i try create smod to change font is fail +_+

here is the file - and it was only an issue with the coding :wink: the best is you use sublime text and save it with utf-8 ^^

also it looks like the font doesnt support your signs.

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Thanks so much, it work fine in game now.

I will continue to find best font. But i think “tkhs trans tool” make it save with Utf-8.

And Happy New Year !:smile:

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hello, and Happy New Year!
I’m trying to translate into Japanese. I completed about 50% of it.
Note to self: play the game when feel hard to do it.


Like i know there is already a japanese translation … ^^

perhaps @voxel_pirate can update the list ^^

here the other translations:

french: Bea's french translation - WIP
chinese: [MOD-763]Chinese Translation (Simplified) A22.5 🀄【简体中文】
russian: [MOD-771] Русификатор stonehearth Alpha 23
spanisch: Traducción al Español / Spanish translation
japanese: Japanese Translation
german: [MOD-771] Deutsche Übersetzung Alpha 23 + sehr viele Modübersetzungen

these are the ones who are still alive :wink:

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Yes, I know, but thank you for explaining.
I’ll see what I can contact the translator :slight_smile:

thanks again.

best way is to put the mod on github and then you both can edit it :wink:

believe me its better to work together :wink:

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Welcome to Japanese tranlations task.

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Hey, sorry for not responding. My skype is Xander Pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

So does anybody know what happened to the website that I was using for the Esperanto translation, and other folks were using for another language… which was it… Polish, maybe? I have it bookmarked as such, but that gives me a 402 error now.

Nope Sry but because of this i have always said use github its free and you can have multiple contributer xD


Well, you could do that there, too. But I think it wasn’t free. Anyway, I’ll see about getting it on github. Is there anywhere that I should go specifically, or do I just create a new project or some such on github? (I don’t know anything about the service.)

github is free but the other plattform that was mentioned wasnt free ^^

jup just create an account and then make an project ^^ and little tip dont use the normal github programm - use smartgit -> this works smoother and better then the original :smiley:


I know, that’s what I meant :slight_smile: github seems better, then.

Oh, so I download a program; it’s not just online?

you can do it complete only but its better to handle when you have it on your pc and push then the changes online :wink:

at the moment i use it only for saving :stuck_out_tongue: because i make my translation complete alone but lately @RedEyeEagle helps me and add some translations of mods and upload it there … so i have set him to contributer and he can work also on it.

the best part … every change is saved and can be reversed ^^


Thank you for your help! I guess I’ll have to restart my Esperanto translation… thankfully I had not gotten very far yet anyway.


Oh, one more thing, and sorry to be asking so many questions… but do I just have my EO json file in the repository, or do I need anything else? I make a copy of the English, and then I progressively rewrite the actual text in-file to become Esperanto, right?

Oh, perhaps I also should add the added_languages.json with the relevant addition, but does that then not clash with other language projects?

Alternatively, I seem to remember a blog post with instructions on all this from a good while ago, but I could not find it when browsing the development blog. That blog post, or the associated video, would probably suffice instead of an explanation if all that is too much effort. (EDIT: Oh, I found it after all. Checking now which of my questions are already answered there. EDIT AGAIN: Well, okay, so that does confirm that the translation process takes place in those json files, one for each language, so I suppose I probably just need to have that file in the repository along with added_languages.json. I still wonder about the below question, however.)

Ah… and do I need to register my project somewhere so that it’s all centralized and people know I’m working on it? That way, other people who are interested in helping with Esperanto (unlikely, but who knows) would know not to start afresh, right?

Yep, that’s a lot of questions. I do apologize.

though you dont have to do it, i would suggest making a new thread, in the #translation-and-localization category, with a link to the github page and such, same way @Wiese2007 did with the german translation.


Alright, sounds good. I’ll do that. However, is there not a centralized thread with a list of the various projects in progress, including an overview of the users working on it and links to the relevant repositories?

Also, is it true that Dutch is not yet in progress? I cannot find a thread related to Dutch translation, even though I saw that there were several volunteers (myself included) for that language. (This is partly why I was looking for this overview-thread, so as to make sure about this.)