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How can I add font ?

I have first test and i think default font work fine but not best.

Image 1
Image 2


Just download the zip File i have added and then replace the Fonts that was added in the Translation File. I have already added an override of the old Fonts in this


Thx i will try it now :smile:


Not work for me :frowning:

i dont know i wrong any ? follow tkhs video “New video to demonstrate version 0.3!” it work fine in game but when i try create smod to change font is fail +_+


here is the file - and it was only an issue with the coding :wink: the best is you use sublime text and save it with utf-8 ^^

also it looks like the font doesnt support your signs.


Thanks so much, it work fine in game now.

I will continue to find best font. But i think “tkhs trans tool” make it save with Utf-8.

And Happy New Year !:smile:


hello, and Happy New Year!
I’m trying to translate into Japanese. I completed about 50% of it.
Note to self: play the game when feel hard to do it.



Like i know there is already a japanese translation … ^^


perhaps @voxel_pirate can update the list ^^

here the other translations:

french: Bea's french translation - WIP
chinese: [MOD-763]Chinese Translation (Simplified) A22.5 🀄【简体中文】
russian: [MOD-771] Русификатор stonehearth Alpha 23
spanisch: Traducción al Español / Spanish translation
japanese: Japanese Translation
german: [MOD-771] Deutsche Übersetzung Alpha 23 + sehr viele Modübersetzungen

these are the ones who are still alive :wink:


Yes, I know, but thank you for explaining.
I’ll see what I can contact the translator :slight_smile:

thanks again.


best way is to put the mod on github and then you both can edit it :wink:

believe me its better to work together :wink:


Welcome to Japanese tranlations task.


Hey, sorry for not responding. My skype is Xander Pizza :stuck_out_tongue:


So does anybody know what happened to the website that I was using for the Esperanto translation, and other folks were using for another language… which was it… Polish, maybe? I have it bookmarked as such, but that gives me a 402 error now.


Nope Sry but because of this i have always said use github its free and you can have multiple contributer xD


Well, you could do that there, too. But I think it wasn’t free. Anyway, I’ll see about getting it on github. Is there anywhere that I should go specifically, or do I just create a new project or some such on github? (I don’t know anything about the service.)


github is free but the other plattform that was mentioned wasnt free ^^

jup just create an account and then make an project ^^ and little tip dont use the normal github programm - use smartgit -> this works smoother and better then the original :smiley:


I know, that’s what I meant :slight_smile: github seems better, then.

Oh, so I download a program; it’s not just online?


you can do it complete only but its better to handle when you have it on your pc and push then the changes online :wink:

at the moment i use it only for saving :stuck_out_tongue: because i make my translation complete alone but lately @RedEyeEagle helps me and add some translations of mods and upload it there … so i have set him to contributer and he can work also on it.

the best part … every change is saved and can be reversed ^^


Thank you for your help! I guess I’ll have to restart my Esperanto translation… thankfully I had not gotten very far yet anyway.