Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


I didn’t know he was doing a translation. He never posted anything here. Thanks for the tip @8BitCrab . I’ll contact him as soon as I get back from work.

Have fun, Kyth.

Actually, I’ll send him a message now :wink:


I confirm, at first it seems easy but if you want to stick to the original SH ton, some descriptions are tricky, I even found one or two that simply cannot be translated at all in french (some with word play)…


The eternal enemy of translators…


Yeah. PL team is actually struggling with ABBA song’ parodies in Sweethart speeches XD

Well, anyone willing to do some translations? PL team has a nice way to ‘boost progress’ and is willing to share with any person and any language. :wink:


Any dutch translators, please get in contact with me, we need to stick our heads together in a collaborative Skype chat or something, so that we won’t waste our time translating things 20 times over.

Message me with your Skype name, and I will get a chat going.
I am going to tag all the current listed Dutch Translators, We need a collaborative team going on!
@Anymn , @Ellogeyen, @Ghost @LineLiar @mderond @Phagocytosis @StevieNL @sweetpallyd @Xander

Maybe you already completed the translation, maybe you didn’t. This way we can check on everyone’s progress, and see if anyone needs help, to get a professional Dutch translation, not just a sloppy Google Translated one.

Thanks in advance, (Bij voorbaat dank),


We could use Webtranslateit like the Polish team is doing. That way we have everything centralized. I’m doing Esperanto on there as well (although I’ve been stalling a bit).


I’m down for that, lets set it up for the dutchies :smiley:


@IHVD - Just give an email and you’ll got the access. I made already there place for all languages I know there are people :smile:


For any of you dutchies out there who would like to join, I have currently translated 115 strings to Dutch, but I could use a lot more help!

If you feel like helping out, send me or @phoriist a message with your email address and you will be added to the project! Maybe even add me on skype by sharing your skype username with me, so that we are able to coördinate outside of Discourse’s messaging system, with every dutchy in 1 group.


And not only dutchies. Any language is appreciated. :smile:

@IHVD - I am getting money for next month of the system. It may have problems in next 2-3 days D:


I have been quite inactive on the forums for a while, but I think I should be slightly available again right now!


Hello and I was amazed by Stonehearth. I want to take part in and I can translate into Vietnamese. So plz let’s me do some thing in order to make Stonehearth popular to my country! :grinning:


hi at first download the translationmod and then translate all ^^

here is the translationmod for you: (205.1 KB)

and get the translatehelper - its make it easier for you Tkh's Translation Helper program (downloadable)


First thing told by @Wiese2007 is necessary.

But second… always you may do the translations online (even invite your friends or other people, to make progress quicker) :smile:


I will try translation to Vietnamese language.


little tip: use github - so others can help you with the translation :wink:


Thanks i buy game a few second ago. Have download translationmod but i’m not sure font game support vietnamese language.


hmmm good question ^^ i dont know the viatnames signs to check it xD ^^

how is the name of the writestyle - cham?

but perhaps you can use the font from the chinese translation?

edit: i have found something but i dont kown if its support it really think

perhaps - Noto Sans CJK JP (NotoSansCJKjp-Bold) could it be ^^ - Google Noto Fonts

when its ok just use and replace the old ones


ok i have test it and its to big (just 16mb) for EVERY converter i could find … i have now found another and perhaps this will work … just test it Dropbox - Link not found


How can I add font ?

I have first test and i think default font work fine but not best.

Image 1
Image 2