Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


Let’s wait with the banner until there is something out :wink:. And thanks for all volunteers. Hope with Alpha 12 we will see a few more translations.


I can help with the Polish translation :wink:


I can translate to Vietnamese, where can I start?


I can help translating turkish and modding it


Still need someone for german? Here I am :slight_smile:


then i suggest you head on over to this thread,

i believe that is where you should offer your help, but im not 100% certain on that.


I Can Do Brazilian and Portuguese :smiley:
But the Translation For Portuguese has ended?


Translations are done by community members (at the point in time). The known projects are highlighted with a “under construction”-sign. So if you volunteer for a language and you don’t see yet a sign next to it… just go ahead and start by yourself. You can get in touch with the running projects to get some help in starting.

Added @Mine_Tutorials, @ParaGumba, @wh00rwhaT, @m1nh2uan and @Corgam. Thanks!


@Corgam @elmis66
Akurat tego nam trzeba do ruszenia. Witajcie w ekipie :slight_smile:


Hallo, I have been looking for Czech Translation. Someone has started it, but it’s year ago. Can I try to make another Czech translation? Not for comparsion, but I think that older one has died out… I have looked up on github. It’s 5500 lines (about 250 i dont count, because It’s code lines) of 1 to 5 words or some sentences. So I don’t know if I make all translation alone, but I can try.

I welcome someone who want to try too.

Q: I hopw that whole system didn’t change between versions. :smile:


Don’t worry, It’s only 3030 lines to translate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, so i counted more :wink: I’ll glad join in for Czech language.


@voxel_pirate will see and he’ll add you onto a normal.

Or maybe even accept my idea about online translation. If yes… :slight_smile:


Would you mind helping me with setting up said translation to Dutch, or maybe even get the github repo going? I am sadly unable to send private messages yet, so maybe you could send me a message containing yer Skype (I am rude for asking that out of the blue), or just reply here, I don’t really mind, but the first option would seem to be a more direct way of conversationatings with a fellow Stonehearthian


hey i dont know how i can help you with the translation to dutch (not my language xD). but translation is now very easy since alpha12. just download this file Dropbox - Error and install sublime text2. then you can open the json-file in the subfolder translation and translate all parts of it.

i have make the startmod for you and add nl-BE and nl-NL because i dont know which of both you want to make (or is the right thing xD)

and i dont know what you mean with github repo? xD


for the github repo: GitHub - stonehearth/startermod_locale: Example mod of adding a new language to stonehearth.,
and thankyou for the package ;3


At last!!!
I have finally found the way to do it :smiley:
It took me 2 days to be able to find and open the files, and only 30 mins to start translating and test it. But it seems to work :smile:

Still a lot of work to do. But now that I have figured out how to do it it will not take too long. :sweat:
Any way I’m going to need some help with the formating? for accents and the letter “ñ”. @Wiese2007 Will you be able to help me with that? It is a bit off my field of expertise. Thank you :wink:

Have Fun, Kyth.


Hi for this you need a complete new font. the actual font from radiant doesnt support lots of symbols ^^ i think my actual font supports this symbol also … ?

for the translation you have two possible tools:

  1. sublime text -
  2. tkh´s translatertool - Tkh's Translation Helper program (downloadable)

so here add this to your mod and override the old files (145.9 KB)

here are the string for the manifest:

“overrides” : {
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.eot” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.eot)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.svg” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.svg)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.ttf” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.ttf)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.woff” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.woff)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.eot” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.eot)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.svg” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.svg)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.ttf” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.ttf)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.woff” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.woff)”

edit: … ok it was to much to explain sooo here is the mod - just translate the files in the translation folder ^^ (222.4 KB)


hmm… not to “rain on your parade” @Kythandra, but i believe that there might already be a spanish translation underway over here,

though im sure that you could help them out with it.


Thank you for all your help @Wiese2007. I´ll get the mod and start working with it.

Have fun, Kyth.