Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


@law 不太明白ps後面那部份…




@law oh you mean forums… see thats the problem between the two chineses
we dont use that term in hk so i had a hard time understanding what you were trying to say

btw i dont know any stonehearth forums in hk
p.s. 石爐 <-- that took me a while to figure out too…


Chinese translations is “Work In Progress”


Huhu i have one last mention - because there are some questions from other translaters :wink: the calendar is also hardcoded ^^ so its not possible to change seconds, minute, day, month and year in another language ^^ yes i know this will be very very difficult because there are lots of strings who use the englisch names - so that i havent ask this until now ^^


Are you referring to the calendar at the bottom of the town info’s journal tab? Are there other places where you see this as well?
Thanks for letting us know!


okkkkk i have found it now ^^ it was hidden in the calendar_services.luac between lots of days xD ^^ now it works on all sheets - citizensheet, save/load, promotion [here is a little issue because of the german dateendings but i will figure out something^^] etc.

the last part is the timeinfo (tooltip?) when you move the mouse over the sun upper right - i think a 24hours clock would be better because its multilingual :wink:


So now we have a Chinese, German and Russian translation… :clap: well done!


Hi people.

I can help to translate the game in french :smile:
If my wife agrees, she could translate into Spanish !


if you need help just ask ^^ a little instructions i have give upside ^^ at the moment yshan works on links for quicker translation via mainfile - i have send him a list with the last needed links for html and luac files … so you need only to translate the json files (entities, campaigns + find a fond that works with your language - but i think for french my fond should work also and for spanish i dont know if there are any special symbols who doenst support this fond ^^). so the best is to download my translation pack for “bastler” and compare them so you see which files you need-


I could help with translating to Dutch


I volunteer!
To translate SH to norwegian :smile:
However, I’m not very active on discourse, so could you send me an email when the files are ready to be translated? I can provide you with my mail-adress if it is fine :smile:


the files are ready to translate :wink: so you can just begin to translate it xD or wait until alpha12 when all infos are in the en.json ^^


I think the best thing to do is to translate the file “en.json” and wait for the Alpha 12 to complete the file


thats correct :wink: if you want you can make in the meantime an own list with translations and replace them later - but yes for new volunteers it would be best to wait ^^


Any interest in a SH translation tool ? because It may be difficult to manage all the changes between alpha’s/beta’s. It would read the new file and compare it to the old file of the previous alpha and fill in all the values that didn’t change and set apart the new or changed values so you can more easily edit them.

I am currently between projects and have some free time to program it, if any interest.


@voxel_pirate. You can add me to Team Germany :slight_smile:


@voxel_pirate, same thing, you can add me to the french team and even put a WIP banner as I’m already preparing the stuff for A12.

BTW, I haven’t found any but if someone have already done some work on the french translation, it would be great to share the files to do some cross checking!


Maybe create a github repository ?


To late :stuck_out_tongue: like you have see - i have already finished and give now tips to others :wink:

BUT i need help with the translation of the stonehearth wiki

links, websites etc all ready ^^