Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


Oops, i meant the forum thread* :sweat_smile: The game ofcourse needs to be translated. Not the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


like said if you want to translate them is the best you download my files, compare them with the original so that you get all files and translate them with sublime ^^ i think yo can also use my font for dutch - it should have the same letters


Okay I made a fix for this, but you won’t have access to it until Alpha 11. There will be a new item_categories.json file that will map item category to displayed category string.

Edit: Nvm, that’s what I get for speaking too soon. It will likely be in en.json instead – development is still in flux, but I will fix this. I’ll update when Alpha 11 drops.


Sorry for the lack of answer, I can only log in from time to time. I’m good at translating but not so good at programming. @Wiese2007 I’ll try to start and follow your steps.


if you have any questions - just ask :wink:


@Wiese2007 Just checking if i’m doing it right. I found the stonehearth.smod file. Unzipped it. and found the admire_fire file. Then translated “resting by the fire”… Am I fine? If so i’ll go on. Thank you for your patience :wink:



thats correct ^^ but like mentioned make sure you save the changes in UTF-8 (at best as UNIX) :smiley:

and for the jsonfiles you can doublecheck with if you havent make any errors :wink: i would suggest this because after 500 files its difficult to find the defect one :wink:

and also like mentioned use ny folder so you can find all needed files :wink:


I’m French and I can participate in the French translation. I have already begun to translate alpha 10_5.


I would love to help by adding myself to the list of Dutch translators :smiley:


not just add you to the list - start it :wink: make a thread Dutch Translation - take my translation so that you can compare which files need a translation and start it :wink:

little tip: use sublime text so that you can save the files in UTF8 ^^


we could help with Italian


You guys should really try to use Lime instead of Sublime. It’s an open-source clone which aims to replicate Sublime but still actually be developed upon. Check it out!

NOTE: It’s still in active development, so you should contribute with bug fixes if possible.


Russian translation on the way… nice job @He_Mo!


the Chinese (mandarin) should be changed to Chinese (simplified) in my opinion
and btw I would like to help for Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional)
but how do I help, like where would I receive strings that needed to be translated?


i have already posted an info ^^

and if you want to help then ask law or make your own translation :wink:


what is that programme you are using? @mattman111


@law @welsongan
do you think we should use
Chinese Simplified
for the language name instead of
Chinese (Mandarin)
I am planning on working on
Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong)


@nayfaan I think Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional).
Right, that’s it.I have completed the translation. (99%)


@law i believe there are slight differences in grammar usage in Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong) and Chinese Traditional (Taiwan). Not to say the huge difference between grammar usage in simplified and traditional. I believe the Hong Kong version of traditional Chinese is somewhat more different to the other two i just mentioned
e.g. simplified chinese would say 土豆/马铃薯, Hong Kong traditional Chinese would say 薯仔 ,etc…


l known.(我知道的,所以你想要翻译成繁体中文吧?可以的呀,这很好。ps:你玩贴吧不?我石炉贴吧的)