Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


I want to help translate this game on Russian


Later on the Day i will upload an File where you can See where you can translate some thing but there are still issues with the Fonds so its possible that it doesn’t work at the Moment correctly


How to add list?? I am a Chinese. This is my translation of the text, there are some text can’t translation, such as item name, will be garbled words. I use utf-8 for translation, does not support utf-8 is game?
This is my translation of the file:here


so here is the list for all volunteers which files can be translated ^^ alternative you can download my Translation and change them ^^

List of files
German Translation for 210

Turkish Translate

I would be happy to join the french translating team once the game is finished.


Thanks for all the additional volunteers. I’ve updated the list.

So far there is already a german translation available… thanks to @Wiese2007.


Sooo just some tips for all translaters ^^

  1. you can change the ingame font in stonehearth\ui\root\css\fonts there you must only change the font: autourone and grobold - for this search a fond and then use to convert them to all needed files
  2. when you change informations form the json and luac use at best Sublime Text 2 - Sublime Text and its important to save your files in !!!UTF-8!!!.
  3. if you want a list of all files just download my translation - compare them with the normal stonehearth.smod and then you can change the infos in your lang ^^
  4. becareful at the luac files - there are only 1 or 2 words who you must translate!


AND THANKS AGAIN AT @yshan! Now the German Translation works without any Issues :smiley:

StoneHearth Language Pack Making
About translations, state of the game
Fonts - for my German Translation

If you need more volunteers for the spanish translation count me in.


like i have seen … the communication doesnt work properly :wink: soo just start the transalation and if someone wants to help he can contact you ^^

i have make mine complete solo - i have help from some testers, who have found some issue i have makein the translation :wink:


Hi @law,
Can you share a screenshot example of which text doesn’t end up translated? A picture would really help when I try to reproduce it.


the last info i have from law was that his translations now to 98% works? Fonts - for my German Translation


yes. Now is translate 98%.when can realize more language?



its only 38mb big? ok when i only use the translated files i have 1,3mb and when i give them the complete smod then its 120mb ^^ also you havent translate all :wink: here is me folder again with all files so that you can compre - Dropbox - Error

ahhh ok your fonts are this big :smiley:


Okay, so you’ve been able to get the item names to be translated? If so, that is good news! If not, I can help look into it.



Yes, I’ve solved the problem now… If I had a question, I would find you.


the last question for my 100% are the traders ^^ the names for their categories are hardcoded or? so if i want them to show the categories in another language i must change the categories in all entities?


You just uncovered a bug! So the short answer is please don’t translate the categories yet, it will break some parts of the game.

Long explanation:
The shop sorts items by their categories, so the category string is displayed visually to the player. The category comes from the components->items->category
“components”: {
“unit_info”: {
“name”: “Piece of candy”
“item” : {
“category” : “food”

The problem is we also check for category in code and compare the category to a string in English, so if you translate the category string, the game will not know what some items are anymore. I’ll work on a fix for this. Hang tight.


^^ i wouldn´t name this a bug :wink: but good to know then i will stop my tests xD

just for info: at this time this is the only part who cant be translated … SO THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS SUPER OPENSOURCE GAME AND YOUR GREAT WORK!!!


I’m in for the Dutch translation. If it’s needed yet for a forum of 2013 :sweat_smile:


This is for showing interest in translating the game, not the forum… you got this right, no? :wink: