(Not So) Quick List of Phrases for Translation

I’ve created a quick list of phrases in the Alpha (not complete) for people to get started with. These should help get a head start on translating.

New game:
Click and drag to move the camera:
Right click and drag to rotate the camera:
Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out:
Founder’s Manual:
First, find a suitable spot for your new home. Pick a spot with easy access to:
Food! Wild berries often grow in the forest:
Lumber! You’ll need wood to do just about anything:
When you’re ready, click the banner, then place it where you would like to settle:
Click me to place your banner:
Click and drag to create your stockpile. Your citizens place resources and crafted goods in stockpiles for safe keeping!:
Set up your base camp:
You’ll need somewhere to store supplies. Make a small stockpile:
Click on the bouncing crate:
Drag out a region on the ground:
Don’t make it too big, you can make more stockpiles later:
Click me to place your stockpile:
The rest is up to you. Start by gathering wood and stone resources, then building a workshop:
Ok, got it:

The sun has risen on day X of Y, Z:
The sun has set:
X is so hungry it feels like despair:
Y awakes groggy from sleeping on the cold, hard, unforgiving earth:

Chop Tree:
Gather Berries:
Remove forever!:
Move this thing elsewhere!:
Place an item:
Wall loop:
Simple room:

Stockpile No.X. For storing things:
Oak Log. That’s right. It’s a log:
Small Oak Tree. He’s just a sapling!:
Medium Oak Tree. Sturdy, in the prime of life:
Large Oak Tree. 100’s of years old. Too bad…:
Small Juniper Tree. Just a sapling:
Juniper Tree. Strong and tall:
Large Juniper Tree. An impressive specimen:
Berry Bush. Candy DOES grow on trees!:

Just reading all the text and buttons you can press shows how big a project this will be! :open_mouth:

Edit: many thanks to @twip for getting the text from the worker personality files.

“Mmm, berries! Part of a healthy, regular diet.”,
“Berries again! Which is good, because they’re healthy for you.”,
“Have you eaten your berries today? I know I’ve eaten mine!”,
“I wonder what’s for dinner? I know–BERRIES!”,
“Everyone’s been pretty good about eating so many berries. I try to set a good example.”,
“200 days till the revolt. Except that the alternative is to starve to death. Never mind!”
“Wow! I get to eat all the fresh berries I want! I’ll never go hungry again!”,
“I love how they make my mouth blue. And my tongue. And my insides. And–”,
“Every berry tastes a little different. Like snowflakes, but for the mouth!”,
“I’m getting really good at telling which berries are the crunchiest.”
“Fruit. Great.”,
“I miss steak.”,
"In theory, you can ferment fruit, right? By Cid I miss fermented drinks.
“There’s nothing to eat but berries? 10 days till I kill someone for their meat.”,
“Huh. These berries are actually kind of growing on me. They’ve got that fresh, non-manured taste.”,
“I’m not sure. They make me feel kind of… light inside. I don’t like where this is going.”,
“Now I know why hippies are vegetarian. Screw this.”
“Dark colored berries are full of antioxidants. Which are good for you.”,
“If only people could be nourished by knowledge alone.”,
“A surprising amount of digestion does not seem to happen on a one-food diet.”
“Mmm, berries! You never got fresh fruit in the city.”,
“If we could just build an iron stove, I could make a pie. Well, if I also had butter. And flour. And sugar.”,
“My figure is looking great!”,
“Maybe we can dry some of these berries for eating later. Winter is coming! Don’t panic.”

“Today, we’re chopping trees for wood. I’m already sick of the wood jokes.”,
“Timbeerrrrr!!! I could get used to saying that.”,
“Attacked more trees today. By Sid there’s a lot of trees out here.”,
“The gang’s keeping track of who’s chopped down the most trees. It’s me but in the time it would take to correct their math I’d rather just add another tree to my total.”,
“Thought I saw a hornet’s nest while we were logging. Luckily, everyone got out of the way in time.”,
“Wood: our eternal taskmaster. Got to keep our eye on the goal.”,
“Everyone chop together! Chop! Chop! Chop! Yes, hurry too!”,
“Ok gang, breaktime’s over. Back to chopping!”,
“Every time I swing this axe, I visualize my dream house and exactly how I’m going to build it. Side effect of all this chopping: the floorplan’s getting smaller.”,
“Falling wood! Run, people! RUN!”
“Chop chop chop! If you say it over and over, it’s almost like a song!”,
“Chopping wood builds muscles! Note to self: see if anyone’s noticed.”,
“We’re sorry Mr. Tree, but we have to cut you down so we can live inside of you. But we won’t ever forget that we’re warm and safe thanks to your sacrifice.”,
“There’s something really satisfying about cutting down something so much bigger than me!”,
“I’m Paul Revere! I mean, Bunyon!”,
“How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well if my name were Woodchuck, the answer would be: lots! Note to self: find out later what a woodchuck looks like.”,
“Lumber lumber lumber, must be lumber, in a woodman’s world. Ah-aaaa, all the things I could do, if I had a little lumber, it’s a woodman’s worrrllld. Ahhh-AAAAAIIEEE—FALLING TREEEE!!!”,
“I hear I’m not supposed to sing anymore when I’m chopping trees. Whatever!”,
" Oh no! Mr. Squirrel! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to cut down your house. Tell you what–move in with me! Nuts are on the house. Oh. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the house…"
“Step 1: Chop wood. Step 2: ???. Step 3: Profit!! Hm. Still working on step 2.”,
“I would be more excited to chop trees if they had a discernable anatomy. Or if I could get combat advantage! Or if they could be flanked. Or if they even just had facing, so I could backstab! Not that I ever heard of anyone felling a tree with a backstab.”,
“My hands are getting rough from all this chopping.”,
“Top reason chopping trees is fun: perfecting the swing of the axe. May be useful one day!”,
“Top reason carrying wood is fun: can’t think of one.”,
“I wonder how much I could sell this wood for back home. …Nothing, probably.”,
“I wonder if I could get out of chopping wood by pretending to have a splinter? Oh right, it woudln’t be pretending.”,
“Ow! Blister! Why am I doing this to myself? An at-will employment contract is pretty much beside the point when you’re OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.”,
“Splinters! Everywhere! Ok, calming breath. Calming breath. Anyone got tweezers?”
“Spork those trees, you know? Just spork them all!”,
“I’ve chopped about a billion trees today. Call me axe murderer!!!”,
“People say I have deep-seated aggression problems, but nobody complains about all the wood I produce”,
“Is anyone else chopping these trees? It it just me?”,
“Glad I’m doing something so physical. Sitting and knitting all day would drive me crazy.”
“This is an appalling underutilization of my keen mental faculties.”,
“If I never see another axe again it will be too soon.”,
“This might almost be worth the effort if only the lumber were destined for a paper mill.”,
“Is there no one else who could engage in such menial labor?”,
“I have perfected a mathematically ideal chopping motion. Alas, there are no peer-reviewed journals here in which I might publish my findings.”
“I guess I can learn to chop down trees if that’s what needs to be done.”,
“I’m going to put a little splinter beside the campfire for every tree I’ve cut down, separated by day. That way I can tell if I’m getting better at it!”,
“I hope people think callouses on the palms of the hands are attractive.”,
“I hear suffering builds character!”,
“Chopping is kind of soothing, if you just don’t worry too much about the tree falling on you.”,
“I hope we’re not disturbing anyone’s home. Imagine what it would be like to have your home cut down around you to use to make someone else’s home!”,
“I hope trees don’t have nerves. This would hurt a lot if they did. If they’re screaming for us to stop, it must be on a different frequency.”,
“I was holding my axe today and I realized I could do some real harm if I ever used it on a person, instead of on a tree.”

Everyone seems to have gotten here OK! Well… almost everyone…"
“Wooo! Fresh air and new land! And lots and lots of trees! I’m going to love it here!”
“Well, here we are, I guess. A million miles away from civilization. Great.”,
“Mom was right. We’re all going to get eaten by bears.”
“At the time, wilderness seemed better than jailtime, but I’m starting to wonder.”,
“Walk a thousand miles to get away from people and… there are still people. Spork.”
“Three days have passed since I had a decent philosophical conversation. Trying not to panic. Failing. Trying to keep it in. Succeeding. Mostly.”
“Wow! This is a lot of great outdoors. Well, time to form strong relationships and build community!”


Oh very nice, will be very useful for translators! Great work! :slight_smile:

wow, well done @capotzalco! as @Smokestacks mentioned, this should help immensely!

yup, two Internet points for you sir… :+1:

If you look in the files, specifically stonehearth/data/personality, you can find all of the things the workers are able to say in the JSON files. :smile:

Sorry @twip, I’m not as good at that stuff and have no idea where to find that on the steam version. I hoped a nice ‘codemonkey’ would find it for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: now added :smiley:

Here are some of their sayings:
(I’ll do more later, if no one else beats me to it.)
(I did the embarking sayings but there is still the chopping wood sayings and eating berries sayings.)

  • “Everyone seems to have gotten here OK! Well… almost everyone…”
  • “Wooo! Fresh air and new land! And lots and lots of trees! I’m going to love it here!”
  • “Well, here we are, I guess. A million miles away from civilization. Great.”
  • “Mom was right. We’re all going to get eaten by bears.”
  • “At the time, wilderness seemed better than jailtime, but I’m starting to wonder.”
  • “Walk a thousand miles to get away from people and… there are still people. Spork.”
  • “Three days have passed since I had a decent philosophical conversation. Trying not to panic. Failing. Trying to keep it in. Succeeding. Mostly.”
  • “Wow! This is a lot of great outdoors. Well, time to form strong relationships and build community!”

Lol sorry too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Good gravy, that’s a lot of stuff! Again, good job, and thanks @twip for the tips!

May I add that in stonehearth.smod, inside stonehearth/locales there is the file en.txt. That contains quite a lot of things that could be translated… :slight_smile:

Ya, I found that as well. I just haven’t gotten around to editing out all of the code so that just the text that needs translations is left :smile:

Ah okay… :blush: I’m glad I helped in some sort of way? :tongue:

What kind of time-bending Martian are you? That would definitely NOT be a “quick” list on Earth. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is awesome!

Now we just need some way to divide the work and coordinate it.

I’m working today, and would like to give translating the list into dutch a shot, but… It would be a waste of time and effort if my fellow Dutch translators did the samething and we all post our lists afterwards.

So while this is a good start, I think it would be very usefull to give this a little more thought.

Also we would ned a format that works for RedEnt, othersiwe we give them more work, which is probably not something they’re keen on.

Which is exactly what this this thread’s for:

The entire point of that thread was not to see who’d do what so we knew which translations we’d get, but to see who’d do what so those who put themselves forward could get together or work out some way to work together on it!

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We also need someone to translate it into Klingon and Pirate Speak… :smile:


Haha, yes, though I’m sure we can ‘convince’ Notch to let us use his pirate speech

Very nice! I would love to help out in the development of Stonehearth, and this could be my way to do so.
As I don’t see anyone raising a hand to translate this into Swedish I’ll go ahead and start with it =)

One question though; do you guys think a simple text file (e.g. .doc or .txt) with a table of translation is enough? Or do you think something else would be more appreciated?
I don’t know if any fellow Swede will hop along and help me out; nor if the end goal is to send it all to Radiant and have them implement it all by them self?

Notch involved in the development of Stonehearth? People! Take your bags because we have another Minecraftclone coming our way! :blush:

Did… did you just say that… :disappointed:

I totally did… let’s fire Notch. :stuck_out_tongue: