Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


though you dont have to do it, i would suggest making a new thread, in the #translation-and-localization category, with a link to the github page and such, same way @Wiese2007 did with the german translation.


Alright, sounds good. I’ll do that. However, is there not a centralized thread with a list of the various projects in progress, including an overview of the users working on it and links to the relevant repositories?

Also, is it true that Dutch is not yet in progress? I cannot find a thread related to Dutch translation, even though I saw that there were several volunteers (myself included) for that language. (This is partly why I was looking for this overview-thread, so as to make sure about this.)


i’m not really sure… i’m not generally very active in the translations area of the discourse :disappointed_relieved:

perhaps @Wiese2007 could be of a bit more help to you here.


Oh, I found something about the Dutch translation from before when I was working on the different site. I wonder how that ended up. @IHVD? Are you still around?


Okay, I’ll wait and see what they have to say about it, now that you tagged them. Thanks.

I do think an overview somewhere would be helpful. Kind of like the overview of volunteers in the post at the start of this topic, but with links to repositories and the like, and perhaps the status of whether they are active or not.


Sorry for the repeat posting; I just wanted to ask for feedback on the setup I have so far. I created a thread for Esperanto translation with a link to the GitHub I also made.


nope this here is the mainpage ^^ hmmm perhaps @8BitCrab can make the OP to an wiki xD wasnt updated in a long time xD

and for your thread … just do it like you like it :wink: at the end you will need to update your thread constantly - so you are the mainuser :wink:


Done. Have at it!!!


@Wiese2007: Well, like I mentioned in the thread, I am not yet certain if I will be able to remain active on the translation. It seems like a rather big project to do on my own, as well. Even so, I will try.

@jomaxro: What has been done?


The Maintopic was make wiki so that everyone can change it and Yes at start its a very big Task but when you have complete the en.json from the stonehearth.smod the most is done :wink:


If it’s needed, I can join the bunch of russian translators. My name is Alex btw.


Ah, I see! Nice. I’ll put myself in for Esperanto, then. I’ll try to keep the style consistent.

Perhaps the best thing is to have the flag icons link to the relevant main threads for each language; would that be possible? :smiley: Or perhaps just the name of the language. Also, any objections to such a thing?

Oh, I see how it’s done for German! I’ll do it the same way, then.


Nice to meet you! My name is Vincent :slight_smile:

You might consider asking some of the people already listed as volunteers for Russian by tagging them (I would do it for you here now but I don’t want to be too forward) to see how they’re progressing and whether they could use another pair of helping hands.


Sure, it would be nice of you.


If I were to tag them?

Oh, but I see there’s actually a thread for Russian as well. It would probably be easiest if you were to post there.


Saw dat topic before but it seemed kinda abandoned to me. But welp, gonna try it, thanks.


So I started translating a little, and I wanted to check whether it all worked correctly in game, but I found I could not select another language in the menu. I remember the same was true when I was working on this sort of thing a number of months ago. Is this a common occurrence? Does anybody know a fix for it? Thanks!

You can see the problem here. (There may be some enka background music.)

Oh, I have also been wondering what happens when a new version of the game comes out. Don’t you get kind of a multiple-branch type problem with translation work?


just safe the old files which you have translated and compare them with the new files^^

and it looks like you havent add your language via mod correctly


Right, that’s what I thought I’d have to do. Just checking.

That makes sense, but then wouldn’t you still expect to see the pseudolocalization option in the popdown menu? This is what my added_languages.json file looks like; obviously I have eo-WIP.json in the “translations” folder where you also get “en-DEV.json” and “en-XA.json”. I thought that was all I had to do, but was there something else? Or did I just make a mistake with some of this here?

Stonehearth added languages.txt (415 Bytes)


can you send my your complete mod not just the added_lang file?