Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


Sure, here it is. It’s just the startermod_locale with an addition to the added_languages.json file and a new eo-WP.json file thrown in. I have the folder as a sister to the .smod files (stonehearth.smod, radiant.smod, etc.) in the mods folder of Stonehearth (under steamapps etc.), as per the instructions in the readme file.



Yes, I am still around, thank you for tagging me though. I haven’t had the time quite yet in the past months to work on the translation, abroad internships are always fun, but it does rob me of my time for other fun stuff!


Alright, that’s fair enough. However, I was also wondering if you knew how the Dutch translation was going anyway. There are a lot of volunteers for Dutch, so I figure something might still be going on, but I couldn’t find any thread dedicated to it or anything. Do you have more information?

An abroad internship, stoer! Where is it and what are you doing?


I am currently trying to get back to our webtranslateit page, where also the dutch translations were being hosted.

For the internship, GameDevelopment internship at Survive The Nights, in England :stuck_out_tongue:


If possible, it might be better to also use GitHub, as it’s free—I think the subscription for Webtranslateit expired and that’s why I couldn’t get there anymore. I’ve migrated my Esperanto work to GitHub (using Smartgit as was suggested to me above by @Wiese2007). Since I hadn’t gotten very far with my translations, I found it easier just to start over, but if you had a lot of work done already on Dutch, that might not be the best idea. Even so, in that case it might be possible to copy the work somehow.

Regardless, if and when you find a way to reactivate the whole thing, please let me know; I might be able to help as well.

Game development, very nice. Are things going well? :slight_smile:


Seeing as no-one has volunteered for that yet, I would like to translate the game into Hebrew, if possible.

I can’t promise that the translation would be completed quickly, as I have limited time, but I sure will try to make it whenever I have time.



I was able to get the dutch json file, for as far it has been made, the account has been reactivated for just 30 days, so we can start migrating if you want.

Yes, things are going well :slight_smile:


so i have fixed it … and i cant open your eo-WP.json so i have replaced it for testing with the original en.json … (67.6 KB)


Cool! As for the migration, is it just a matter of making a GitHub repository? If so, I could do that if you like, and if you send me the relevant files; or you could do it yourself if you prefer. Either way, let me know, and whoever does it can add the other as a contributor.


Nice! It does indeed work now. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

However, I was unable to find any actual changes. Could you tell me what you changed/what I did wrong, so that I know not to make the same mistake(s) again? Oh, is the point perhaps that I should have it as a separate mod json file rather than as an addition to startermod_locale?


hmmm if i remember correct i have changed modversion to 2 ^^ and make some name changes


Alright, I’ll try that if I ever get into similar trouble. Thanks again! :smile_cat:


I have an idea what the problem was. Esperanto uses the diacritic characters ĉŝĥĝĵŭ, and these cannot be saved in the text format that is .json. What I did before, was to save it in LibreOffice as .odt format, but then change the extension to .json. Clearly, the game wasn’t too happy about that and didn’t seem to recognize the file anymore.

When these diacritic characters are unavailable, there exists a convention in Esperanto to write these characters as their base characters with an x or an h behind them (cx or ch for ĉ, etc.), so I could do that, but most esperantists would agree that it’s uglier. Is there any way that I could save the file to use these special characters and still have the game recognize the format?


if you want to change the font you must override this files:

and some post before you will find a link to convert the font files

“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.eot” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.eot)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.svg” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.svg)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.ttf” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.ttf)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/autourone/AutourOne-Regular-webfont.woff” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.woff)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.eot” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.eot)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.svg” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.svg)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.ttf” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.ttf)”,
“stonehearth/ui/root/css/fonts/grobold/grobold-webfont.woff” : “file(fonts/de-DE/komika_text.woff)”,


Alright, I’ll try that. Ugh, I wish I were more computer-savvy. My overall geek level indicates I should be, but I guess I’m lagging behind… thanks for your continued patience with me :slight_smile:

Another thing I was wondering about is updates to the game. I noticed that the translations file you sent me already had a different set of strings than the one I had been working on. The one I was using seemed to make the game freak out a little by changing a bunch to “” and that sort of thing, as though it wasn’t finding these strings. Does this happen when versions change? (But I think it was okay when I had just changed one or two strings to try it out, which I think I also did in my version of the file with the different set of strings… can’t remember for sure, though.)


Then you use the stable alpha13 Version :wink: and Yes with every update they add more strings to the File xD

The updates i add everxtome the the Releaseinfos


Or the stable alpha14, now that it’s out :slight_smile: I still haven’t translated much, after all, so for now I could redo it very quickly.

By the way, I found out why I was missing strings. It was pretty dumb, really. I was using an extracted version of the .smod file rather than the .smod file itself to retrieve the .json file to edit. Obviously, I had extracted it a while ago and so that got me a pretty old version. :flushed::dizzy_face::disappointed_relieved::pensive:


I’d like to make an Ukrainian translation. However I’m completely new to Stoneheart, Discourse and stuff. How do you make one? A quick search didn’t yield any worthy results. Please point me in the right direction.


Hey there @MelOzone, welcome to the Discourse!

@Wiese2007 is one of our resident expert translators, and should be able to point you in the correct direction.


Thank you! Just started working on it. Can someone add me to the list?